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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2492

Hardware & Software - User Requirements of Burgers away.

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Hardware & Software User Requirements Burgers away is a new chain of fast food, takeaway and drive-through outlets in the UK. Asmin Tariq is the Managing Director of Burgers Away. The head office is in Northton and has six main departments. A new branch is due to open on February 14th in Westchester. Sarah Wright has been appointed the new branch manager. Sarah will have a desktop computer that she will use to perform the following tasks: * Recording weekly sales figures * Producing leaflets and flyers for local promotions * Recording staff hours * Producing letters * Keeping staff records, including photographs * Ordering supplies locally, e.g. salad items. In the new Westchester branch there is a computer terminal at each sales point (two inside the branch and one for the drive-through). Sarah's computer is linked to the three sales point terminals by means of LAN and to Head Office by means of WAN. I have a maximum of �2000 to spend on the complete system and any additional hardware and software. Hardware And Software For Sarah's new computer system she will need the following: Inputs Input devices Input devices enable the user to enter data, commands and programmes into the computers central processing unit (CPU) - its brain. There are many such input devices, but some of the most common ones are: * Keyboard * Mouse * Rollerball * Scanner * Digital camera * Microphone * Joystick. ...read more.


This Would also be very useful for Sarah as she could take photos of her establishment and then use them for advertising. Main processing unit The main processing unit is housed in a case and may come in the form of a tower, a mini-tower or a desktop. Nowadays every computer comprises of the following essential components: * Central processing unit (CPU) * Memory * Motherboard * Ports * Disk drives * CD-ROM drive. It may also have some additional components: * Modem * Network drive. Central processing unit (CPU) The central processing unit (CPU) - or microprocessor - is the computers brain. It can interpret and carry out the commands that the user gives to the computer through the input devices. It can gather, decode, execute instructions, and transfer data from one component to another. A microprocessor is a chip of silicon composed of tiny electrical switches. These chips are usually around 0.5cm long and 0.05cm thick. The speed at which the processor carries out its operations is measured in millions of cycles or pulses per second - megahertz (MHz). This is essential to Sarah as no computer can run without it, and she would need a speed of 2.5GHz. Memory Memory is the name is the name given to the chips inside the processing unit where the data and instructions are stored for fast access. Memory is used to store the programs you use and is the working area that processes the current data. It comprises of ROM (Read-Only Memory) ...read more.


Because the needles impact against a ribbon, which physically strikes the paper, this type of printer is very useful for printing forms which have carbon paper duplicates e.g. Payroll slips. An inkjet printer creates characters by squirting very small jets of fast drying ink at the paper. The result is extremely high quality at low cost. A variant on the inkjet theme is a bubble-jet printer which uses a different technology to get the ink onto the paper. Laser printers are like photocopiers but they get their original data from a computer rather than from paper. Like photocopiers, they are expensive to buy and run but are fast, relatively quiet and can produce very high-quality text and graphics output. There are new technologies that give the same high quality output as laser printers but which are cheaper as they do not use laser technology. For Sarah I would recommend a colour inkjet printer, as they are very low-cost, but will give high quality images on flyers. Speakers Electronic signals sent by the main processing unit are received by this device and converted into sounds which the user can hear. Quality of sound heard is dependent upon the quality of the speaker. The sound, once heard, fades away and is therefore not in itself a permanent record for future reference. In some cases computer software can convert text into spoken words. This is very useful for people with a reading difficulty. I would recommend a simple speaker set, as Sarah may want to listen to music while she is working and certain internet sites contain useful audio information. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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