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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3911

How I.C.T has affected our society in recent years.

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Classwork / Homework 2nd August 2003 Year 10 I.C.T Coursework - I.C.T in Society I am studying how I.C.T has affected our society in recent years. To find out how I.C.T has affected our lives I am going to explore how the entertainment industry, education, and communication industry greatly depend on I.C.T, and then I will predict how I think I.C.T will affect our future. Firstly the entertainment industry relies on the use of I.C.T throughout most of its divisions. In this section I am going to explore how the music, television and film industries use I.C.T. The music industry has evolved greatly with the use of I.C.T. Firstly Compact Discs (CD's) have taken over from the use of cassettes. Although cassettes are still widely used and still available to buy and record on the majority of music listeners prefer the use of Compact Discs. The added advantage of using Compact Discs results in better sound quality without the "hiss" sound often heard on cassettes. Once a Compact Disc has been created there are still more advantages. Instead of fast forwarding and rewinding to find the track you want to listen to which takes ages, you can just skip song by song by the touch of a button with a Compact Disc. A Compact Disc would cost more than a Cassette but only by a couple of pounds and for the better quality of music it is worth it. Downloadable music is now the biggest and most popular form of gaining music now days. Peer to Peer software such as Kazaa, WinMX, and Napster all provide peer to peer software free from the internet which ables a user of their product to type in the name or artist that they are searching for and they can download their chosen tracks with no cost. With peer to peer software not only can music be downloaded for free, but so can TV programmes, films, pictures and even Pc Software. ...read more.


Vital equipment within the school is I.C.T dependent, such as photocopiers, Over Head Projectors, Laminators and even Cameras. Photocopiers are needed within nearly all business establishments but a school relies on photocopiers probably the most. They are used when for example a teacher needs every child to see a worksheet, then multiple copies can be made of the same sheet so everybody receives a copy. The most common photocopies needed to be made in a school would be letters to parents, worksheets, lesson plans and leaflets. Cameras are I.C.T dependent. The are usually placed around the school grounds and some even within the school to catch intruders, vandals or to later review an incident that took place. The cameras around a school are linked to a control room where they can be closely monitored and viewed on large television screens. All the cameras record 24 hours a day so therefore if an incident takes place when someone isn't watching the camera screens then it can be later be rewound for later viewing. They are also recorded so of a copy of an incident needs to be sent on the police then it can be. The I.C.T department within a school obviously uses I.C.T the most. In "Francis Combe School" there are four I.C.T suites which are all connected together via a network. The network is greatly depended on as pupils work is saved on it therefore making sure it is still accessible whenever they log on to a school computer, providing they remember their school user name and password. The ICT department also requires two servers which run the school networks and an administrator computer which can enable and disable user accounts aswell as adding and removing resources from the network. The administrator can also allow internet use and ban inappropriate sites so that children cannot surf porn or other unacceptable sites during school time. ...read more.


Other than that one put down to the service the rest of the service is extremely brilliant and I can vouch for that as I use it myself. Send Online Instant Messages To Your Friends With MSN Messenger. Although you probably don't know but it is I.C.T behind features such as BT's "1471" and "1571" services. BT's "1471" tell you the last number that called while you were away from your phone. It also lets you return the call straight away, by simply pressing 3. "1471" is always active and useful even if you have an answering machine. BT Answer 1571 helps to ensure that you don't miss a call - whether you're away from home or engaged on the phone or internet. You'll know there's a message waiting for you because you'll hear an interrupted dial tone when you next pick up the phone. To retrieve your messages simply dial 1571 for free. In conclusion to my report on how I.C.T is used with society I feel that our society today relies on the use of I.C.T very much. It is used from basic television programmes which we watch every day to our mobile phones which is one today's most needed essentials for communications. Also I.C.T is the result of free services such as "1471" which people take for granted. Computers basically run our lives nowdays and if we resorted back to the days when computers weren't used then we would struggle to lead as good lives as we do today, people wouldn't be able to communicate as fast and as efficiently and music wouldn't be widely available as it is. I am unsure how I.C.T will affect our future but I definitely will do. It will definitely change our future for the better, because if we review some of the products and services that it has already changed for us they have all worked out for the better and we hope that I.C.T will continue its role in improving of lifestyles for the better. ...read more.

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