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How ICT Effects A Person With Special Needs.

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How ICT Effects A Person With Special Needs In this piece of coursework I will be examining how ICT has helped a person with special needs. The person I will be looking at is Paddy McGinty, who suffers from Juvenile Macular Degeneration. This causes the light sensing cells in the back of the central region of the retina to malfunction and will eventually die, which leads to gradual loss of central vision. This basically means that Paddy can no longer see something in full if he looks at it directly, and only if he looks at it from the side. He is also colour blind when looking directly at something, but can see it in colour if he looks at it from the side. This means that he has to be very organised when dealing with clothes so not to put on the wrong colour item. Paddy found out he was colour-blind at 16, when he took an eye test when applying for a job as an electrician. They found out that he couldn't distinguish between colours and he failed the test and couldn't become an electrician and so he became an engineer. ...read more.


All of these Keystrokes will save Paddy the hassle of going to the icons by using the mouse, which he can hardly see anyway. But, there is a problem the Keystroke commands. That is that they differ between each software package and if you learn one set of Keystrokes for, say Supernova, on computers in one department, and then you will have to learn a completely different one for Zoomtext, a different magnifier and Keystroke package, and it can result in a lot of confusion and frustration. There is also a piece of software that allows Paddy to talk into a microphone connected to the computer and it writes out what he says. A few years ago things like this would have been very unreliable and it would have resulted in him having to repeat a lot of words just to get a sentence complete. But now days they are very reliable once you have 'worn them in' and used them enough to get your voice recognised. This can take a long time and will result a lot of mistakes in work at first, but all in all they will become very, very useful in the future. ...read more.


There are speaking phones, though, but these can cost at least �200, so the cost outweighs the benefits of it. Paddy, as some may think, is not just someone who lazes around the home, he is a very fit person. He evens works and trains in the Royal National College for the Blind gymnasium. In the gym, there are many specially adapted pieces of equipment that allows Paddy and others to use the gym as any others would. There are talking watches, talking stopwatches and even talking Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitors. These will let the people at the Royal National College for the Blind to use the gym as well, and sometimes better, than people in other gyms. The college even lets people come to the gym where they can be given a health and fitness assessment by a blind person. All of this technology means that a blind or partially sighted person is able to do everything someone with perfect sight. They can, in some circumstances, do it better. All they need is a bit of help to do it, and as technology evolves for you and I, it also evolves for those who have disabilities both physically and mentally. ...read more.

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