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How ICT is going to affect us in the future

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How ICT is going to affect us in the future In my opinion ICT is the most important tool to use in this world. Everyday people use it in work, travelling around the country, in schools, colleges, universities and many other uses. ICT has definitely advanced very quickly and soon we will have the latest technology in our homes such as robots doing housework. Companies and organisations often implement ICT systems to help them go about their business, as well as their customer's or client's, more efficiently and increase their productivity. Barcodes are a classic example of an ICT system being implemented to make a business run more efficiently. ...read more.


Often I listen to music as well as contacting my friends and families from other countries. Advantages and disadvantages of ICT Advantages * It is quick and can access it in many facilities e.g. library * Find and keep up-to-date information such as news * In work, flexible hours for the employees so they can work at home * Help large organisations, companies and small shops in their business * Back up and save your files * Access to the Internet 24 hours Disadvantages * Sometimes employees may feel isolated or miss their friends and colleagues in work * Increase Internet fraud and computer crime can occur where fraudsters and hackers target easy users * Bad for your health such as eye strain or back problems when sitting in the wrong position * Virus can occur at any time when downloading from different websites e.g. ...read more.


Also put any loose wires back in or push them in where no one can trip over or hurt themselves. Another precaution is clean up spillages or work surfaces so users can work properly. Finally to prevent fires, make sure that sockets are not overloaded and computers are switched off at the end when not in use. Conclusion of ICT Overall I think ICT has its purpose and in this world, everyone will need one. ICT has certainly helped me a lot of times and it would be the same in our future generation. Although there are any advantages and disadvantages to ICT, people will still make good use of it and we should all be happy to have this technology developed for us. Here is a diagram to show how ICT will help everyone. ...read more.

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