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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2955

I want to design a database that will allow faster and easier sales of cars, it will also help organise them too.

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Contents page Section Page > > > > > > > > Car Database project I want to design a database that will allow faster and easier sales of cars, it will also help organise them too. Before I design a database I need to find out what information I will need to include in my database, to this I will produce a questionnaire, which will be sent out to several garages in my local area. When I get the questionnaire results I will then design my database around the wants and needs of other garages I am going to produce a database that will allow salespersons to use a PC to speed up the search process for the customer. If the customer is searching for a particular type of car, i.e. make, model, mileage, year of manufacture. The database, which I have created, will allow the sales person to search for a car meet the customer's requirements. I am doing this because it will be much easier for the salesperson to find a car, which will meet the customer's requirements. Implementation You must use the software to process and store data entered from the questionnaire for required output. You need to produce a report, which describes in simple steps how you created the database using the selected software. This will match your design. Printouts and screen shots are required and the data has to match the data collected from the data capture sheets (one from each garage). Database should be approximately 50 cars and 5 garages. For a good mark your database should be a fully functioning system. Proof could be in the form of screen shots and reports showing that customer questions (from questionnaire) ...read more.


Click on "Create New Table Using Design View", on the screen that has just appeared, which should like something like this: Where it says "Field Name" enter all the fields you want to appear in your car database. The different fields you enter should all the information you think a first time buyer would like to know. Once all of the information has been entered save your work then open up your table and enter the information about 50 cars, for example enter what type of fuel the car uses, the price, make, model, year of manufacture, colour of car, which garage you can buy the car from also the extras the car has. Once this has been achieved you must save and exit, you should then come up with the screen mentioned above, click on "create new table in design view". Once it has loaded up enter the name of all the garages, the address, the phone number of the garages and a contact number for the garages. Make sure the name of the garages is exactly the same as the name in the other table containing all the information about the cars. If you made a spelling mistake when entering the names of the garages when you come to linking both tables together it will not work, so you must be extra careful at this stage because it could waste lots of your time if you make one mistake. One all the information from the garage table has been entered accurately, save the table and close down the table. Once the table has been closed down a screen like this should appear: Right click on the empty white space (where the arrow is pointed) ...read more.


Here is the exact list of ways for which you can search for cars. Max price, Minimum number of doors, Minimum price, Maximum number of doors, Make, Model, Garage location. The reason I made it so you could search the database for the above list is because I feel that these are all important factors to a buyer when buying a car. I have also included instructions on how to use my database so that anyone who wished to perform searches would then know how to do them. After I had designed my database there were several changes that I made. I had to take into consideration the actual file size of the database. I did not want to be taking up space, which was not being used. When choosing your design fields there is a box labelled "filed size" the default setting for this is 50. This means that for every box in the table it will allow up to 50 characters to be entered into that box. Even if you do not enter 50 characters into that box it will still put space aside for them. So one box would take up a minimum of 50 bytes. I have hundreds of boxes in my database, so this was taking up lots of unnecessary space. To change it just click in the box and choose a more appropriate number. The number I chose was 25, as this is enough space to enter in the information I needed and would also leave me a bit of space to add to the boxes if need be. Another change that I made was to change the colour of the database so that things would stand out clearer. Mark Austen Centre Number: 51515 I.C.T Coursework Candidate number: 8137 Mark Austen Centre Number: 51515 I.C.T Coursework Candidate number: 8137 ...read more.

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