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I will choose all my software considering what will work best for my website. Also what program will suit for all the paper work.

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Shivangee Maurya 9V ICT GCSE Full Coursework 09/07/07 Software I will choose all my software considering what will work best for my website. Also what program will suit for all the paper work. Software is the programs which run on the computer; the software is like a set of instruction as the program is designed to do only particular things. An example would be a word processor this piece of software which allows the user to edit, compose, print and many other things. Word processors- I will use word processors for the documentation of the website and maybe to create the website also This program which allows people to create written files, edit and format them and print them off. Microsoft Word Processor This is a piece of software which does exactly what word processors are designed. This is the most used program by people as most people usually want to create word documents. You are also able to edit things on Microsoft word for example you can edit images you only have very basic tools however it is possible. You can also edit your text changing font and color. ...read more.


* More tools and features to take advantage of * Available to any system Windows, Linux etc * Very easy to install Disadvantages * Can sometimes freeze and take time to recover * Can take time to load Spreadsheet- I will use spreadsheets for the currency converter on the website This is a program on a computer which allows you to enter number, work out sums and create graphs. Microsoft Excel This is a very well known spreadsheet program part of the Microsoft office package which allows you to edit and create spreadsheets. Advantages * Very easy to use * Formulas are already available on there so no need to have to know them or type them out. * Can customize your spreadsheet. Disadvantages * Can sometimes be hard to figure out how to use certain tools Gnumeric Gnumeric is a free spreadsheet program this program is part of GNOME. This is not a very well known however more and more people are coming to recognize it. You are able to bring in and export data very easily. Advantages * Free program * It is very fast at handling large spreadsheets without freezing * Very accurate Disadvantages * Not very well known so it would be hard to get help as not many people know the software. ...read more.


Similarities * Has many the properties of Microsoft Excel it is sometimes referred as the free version of Microsoft Excel. Differences * Gnumeric can export Microsoft Excel files. Image editors and creators I have choosen to use Flash Macromedia over Paint as the program itself is much more advanced in terms of all the tools it has unlike Paint which only has the minimum tools required. The main advantage of Flash is that it is a vector program unlike paint which is a bitmap program so when you zoom in it is not clear and not very smooth. Also with macromedia you export images to Dreamweaver very easily unlike which is more complicated to move images about. I have also used Flash Macromedia more than Paint so I am more used to use and I will find it much easier to edit images program as it is an easy program to use. Similarities * They both have similar tools for example: zooming in/out, changing colors where needed. * You could also create and edit pictures on both of these programs. Differences * The main difference is Paint is a vector program and Macromedia Flash is a bitmap program. * Create animation on Macromedia Flash. not on Paint ...read more.

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