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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1981

ICT Coursework-Project 1a

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[GR1] Analysis Statement[GR2] The purpose of this coursework is to create and complete a children's book for children around the age of 6. It will have very bold and bright letters and be very easy to read. Also, the storyline of the situation will be one that small children can relate to. I will be using paper and ICT based criteria to help me come up with the final book. The story will be about two children who go out and find a cool dog, they make friends and play. I chose this because it is a simple idea and something that the recommended age of the readers can enjoy. Gathering data[GR3] I will gather data from sources such as the internet, magazines and books to help me come up with the final ideas and pictures for my book. This will help me with a cover and fonts that I will use. It will also help me come up with pictures to interest the reader, as young children enjoy pictures. But I will gather my data from two main places, paper based data and ICT based data. Paper based My paper based resources will be extracted from sources such as magazines, books, photographs and even hand drawings. These ideas may help me to come up with a storyline for my main story. ICT Based My ICT based resources will be from the internet or to be more specific, internet search engines such as Google. ...read more.


Getting Help on errors When I get error codes such as this one I find out the problem and follow its instructions. Also if you need help, you can use a help assistance tool and find out what is wrong or how to fix it. It also helps you if you do not know what to do. If you get an error that you know that you cannot fix you can call an administrator to help you fix it as their will usually know what to do. What is Copyright? Copyright is having the legal control of a document that you have produced or created And also having the right to duplicate or delete parts of your document. When I took my pictures from websites, I did not intend to reproduce or re-sell the ideas. Advantages and disadvantages of using ICT Advantages: You can gather a lot of resources and information from the internet. It is also easy to make copies and change mistakes. Making books also looks slightly better as they are more accurate and neater. Disadvantages: You cannot get your ideas exactly how you want them. If your computer gets a serious error Standard ways of working and good practise[GR13] [GR1] Use a computer to create a piece of work. (0-2 marks) Use a computer to create a significant piece of work. (11-13 marks) [GR2] Purpose State the purpose of the work (0-2 marks) concise A concise statement of the problem to be solved is required. ...read more.


Can write about the advantages and disadvantages of using IT. (3-4 Addon marks) how did it go * time Did they keep to a schedule or did they overrun. What could they have done to meet their deadline if they failed to hit it. * equipment Where there problems with the equipment - printing etc. good points Explain clearly point by point. Also explain general advantages of using ICT. bad points Explain clearly point. Also explain general disadvantages of using ICT. other possible solutions Should give other possible solutions - include the obvious (by hand) as well as maybe using other software. [GR13] SPAG Show consistency throughout the work (8-10 marks) Use a spell checker or proof reader to check the accuracy of the work. (11-13 marks) Save information using appropriate folders and file names. (11-13 marks) Can work safely and take care of equipment and avoid losing information (0-2 Addon marks) Knows how to get help when dealing with errors (0-2 Addon marks) Knows when it is necessary to observe copyright or confidentiality. (3-4 Addon marks) Can identify errors and their causes. (5-7 Addon marks) Knows how to minimise risks from viruses. (5-7 Addon marks) Knows how to work safely and minimise health risks. (5-7 Addon marks) health & safety Should address health & safety issues around the completion of the work and in general. Working safely and taking care of equipment. viruses How to avoid/ deal with them error detection Explain any non spelling type errors they encounter and how solved. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dagenham Park Community School ICT Department - GCSE Project 1a Name: N:\ICT\GCSE\Project 1a\Coursework\Project 1a - Assignment Skeleton.doc Page 1 of 11 ...read more.

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