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ICT Report 3C

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Unit 3(c) The impact if ICT on a person with special / particular needs. For this report I have researched Yukomi Lee Chong. Yukomi Lee Chong is the personal assistant for the director of education in Brent council. Two years ago he had a stroke which had a huge impact on his life as he had to take some time of work. The stroke resulted in a loss of control with his fingers and a slight loss of control in his wrist. The effects of this was bad and meant that he couldn't actually clench his fingers together could move his hand about. Not only did this have a huge impact on his on his work but it also had a huge impact on his home and social life. When Yukomi Lee Chong first became disabled it took him a while to get used to ways of coping with this. The work he did at the council required him to use a computer very often in typing up letters minutes for meting and also I take minutes during the meeting after his stroke his employer and himself had to work out ways of performing his duties so that he could continue with his work as effectively as possible. Unfortunately the stroke left him with little control over my right hand and because he was right handed he had to learn to use my left hand for simple thing like opening doors or switching on, lights. ...read more.


The right hand rests naturally on the device. There is no need for a mouse mat or desk room for mouse movement - so less desk space is required. There is no need for a flat surface. If used with a laptop, you could rest it on your knee. The disadvantages of trackball: The trackball costs significantly more than a mouse. A mouse may be better for drawing actions in a graphic program. The right hand must be used. Trackballs have had some limited use in computer and video games, particularly early arcade games. Console trackballs, meanwhile, are fairly uncommon. His work at the council requires me to use a computer very often in typing up letters minutes for meting and also he also takes minutes during the meeting after his stroke he had to work out ways of performing his roles and his employer particularly had to work out ways of performing my duties so that he could continue with my work as effectively as possible. This is why he has a tracker ball to allow him to continue with work efficiently without the tracker ball he would suffer lots as it is very hard to use a normal mouse for some one with a mobility problem. I had an interview with the occupational health adviser which was very help full in advising of various technologies which could help me to continue my work social and personal life as best as ...read more.


night and we can line up on a white brooder note when I use ICT outside of work and home I do get upset about the lack of access to mice that are appropriate for me its very rare like in a internet caf´┐Ż particularly of there to be any devises that are useful to me and even in local libraries I have difficulties. At work I need to produce word documents I need to handle email produce emails receive and transfer forward on emails I need to take minutes at meeting produce agendas and handle a number of spreadsheets and databases to do this I need some form of input devise to control the mouse pointer and I find that the track ball mousse I perfect for this although maybe these is another technology out there that may bee a little quicker for me I don't know. The other day I was very bust I had to produce the minutes for the directors meeting and give them out on the same afternoon and I was very aware that the control over the computer that I have is not as good as it use be maybe before I could have produced this document in half the time using word but now its taking longer because the lesser control I have over the mouse pointer particularly navigating around the window in word dragging and editing text is quite difficult. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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