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ict task 1. Currently the private flyers membership is organised by a paper based by using a filing cabinet system and only contains the members, aircraft and aircraft use

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Analysis A1a) Background Information Benson Aerodrome was first established in 1980 and is a dedicated civil and commercial airport with much service for its customers and visitors. The aerodrome attracts ex military pilots, civilian pilots and many commercial airlines The aerodrome supports a wide range of aircraft including short haul airliners to the reliable Piper Cherokee. The aerodrome support private flyers with its private flyers Membership which allows the pilot to hire an aircraft ranging from the Piper Cherokee to the famous learjet depending on their license rating. Currently the aerodrome has over 100+ private flyers members hiring aircraft in a week. Currently this programme is the only one of the kind in the UK but is starting to become available in several regional airports such as Luton and Glasgow. According to a survey more than 90% of non commercial pilots at the airport are members. More 10 members are starting to join every week. This membership scheme is designed to make it cheaper for civilian flyers to actual fly aircraft, the members pay a monthly fee and when hiring an aircraft they pay a deposit. ...read more.


We also want to make it easier for the customer by introducing a membership cards so the customer can been seen easily and to make sure they're a valid member. Also we want to make it easier to read as some people's handwriting won't be eligible to others. Also we want to get rid of the cabinets as they are taking up a lot of space. We are hoping to get a computer based as it will save space time and improve security. A1b) Sub-problems Currently the company is having problems with keeping the files secure from theft, from damage or misuse. Currently if anybody gets the keys for the cabinet or break open the cabinet people can steal information also if in the cases of a fire or destruction of the area. Files will certainly perish as the are paper based. Also another problem is that when we need to gather information on someone or aircraft we have to every single folder and then have to produce the data manually this could be time consuming and difficult. ...read more.


Outputs * Queries- this will make it easier to view information that is needed or that relates to each other. * Reports- this will allow us to present information professionally and smart. * Mail merge- If we need to send our customers a letter we can just type in the letter and use mail merge so we don't have to type everybody's name manually. * Membership cards- the database will allow us to create a membership card for each member. A2 There are two ways of tackling the problem; one of them is by using a computer based database from Microsoft access. This solution will solve nearly all the problems such the database will be secure and take up a lot less space. As well it will become very efficient and save a lot of money as the company has several computers in the office. This type of system will also be easy to use and can even produce documents for us such as reports and forms for new customers to fill in for their membership. The second way of tackling this problem by having a separate office ?? ?? ?? ?? Araan Mohanadass ICT GCSE AQA Yr 11 Project ...read more.

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