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identify dtp

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Identify Introduction The owner of the local village store called the Reepham shopper, which is in the market place in a rural town of Reepham around 12 miles away from the city of Norwich Which is in the south east of England. The owner of the village shop is called Daniel Jones who is an average self employed man who is very well known around the small town of Reepham, and I know him because my son works for him as a paper boy, also I am one of his close friends I play golf with him every Sunday and go to the pub with him on Tuesdays. Daniel needs my help because all of his local costumers are shopping at the supermarkets which are much bigger and have more special offers, and Daniel can't compete with these businesses and he desperately needs these costumers to come back, as it could cause the business to go bankrupt. ...read more.


Alternative solution One solution to Daniels problem could be to write up the shops special offers on his windows so many people can see. A good point about this is that it is cheap and it would be affective because many people would see it, a bad point about this is that it would not be very professional and some would see it as cheap. Another solution to this would be to make leaflets which would be handed out around the local area. The good points about this are that it would look very professional and it would make the shop look classy, also I'm sure it would attract lots of costumers, a bad point about this is that it would cost quite a lot to make these leaflets due to the ink involved in the printing also the paper used which is also bad for the environment because of the cutting down of trees. ...read more.


The computer designed leaflets would be more accurate with the offers and have pictures of what's on offer and using a computer to design these leaflets would be quite cheap to promote the shop to a big area of people. Compared to the idea of writing the offers on the window this idea is much better because it is easier to promote the shop to a vast amount of people also people would pay much more attention to a nicely designed leaflet than a scruffy bit of writing on Daniels shop window. Also as Daniels shop is a newsagents Daniel could put many of the leaflets in the news papers so the costumers could view the offers and tell their friends about them. Most of all, the leaflet would put out a good impression about the company and I am aiming for that impression to be professional, value for money and a well organised shop. ...read more.

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