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In my speech today I am going to talk about personal communication through the Internet.

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The Internet In my speech today I am going to talk about personal communication through the Internet. I will talk about how communication can be made and how using the Internet has improved. I shall first start with who invented the Internet. The Internet technology was invented by Vinton Cerf in early 1973 as part of a project headed by Robert Kahn and conducted by the Advanced Research Projects Agency, part of the United States Department of Defense. Thereafter, Vinton Cerf tried very hard to build, scale, and standardize the Internet. In 1984 the technology and the network were turned over to the private sector and to government scientific agencies for further development. From that point onwards the Internet has been improved greatly. ...read more.


Terminal access is usually carried out via dial-up telephone lines and modems combined with terminal emulation software on a personal computer; it allows interaction with another computer that is an Internet host. Gateway access is similar to terminal access, but is provided via on-line or similar proprietary services that give the user the ability to exchange e-mail with the Internet. You could see a set up network: The internet has improved vastly over the years and has been greatly effected by the invention of personal computers in nearly every home in Britain. The Internet provides a means for any computer to communicate with any other. The World Wide Web is an Internet-based application that exploits this capability to provide a global information service. ...read more.


The browser is packaged as part of the software given when users register with an Internet service provider. HOW ITS EFFECTED BUSINESSES BOTH UK AND International COMPANIES - MEETINGS OVER THE INTERNET (TABLE) webcams and video conferencing - ALSO WORKING FROM HOME. MONEY - ADVANCED IN MONEY dot COM companies who design websites, lastminutes.com, yahoo.com etc E-MAILS - QUICK AND EASY TO USE, LESS HASSLE - POSTING EQUALS PAPER WORK These figures relate to the years 1985-1995, and represent the number of IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. However, each IP address may represent a single user, or several users sharing the same address (such as in an office). Use of the Internet contines to grow very rapidly and there could now be as many as 100 million people using it. (c) Khaliq's Corporation. All Rights Reserved.1 ...read more.

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