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Methods of creating a website

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Methods when creating a website there are numerous things you have to consider when putting a site together. Mainly the type of software you will be using to create a website, so I will be researching possible different methods to create a website with different software. One of the methods I will be looking at is the software from macromedia's dream weaver, dream weaver uses WYSIWYG Presto based editor. One of the good things about this software is that Dream weaver can hide the details of pages HTML code from the user that's using this to create a website; this can make it possible for non coders to create web pages and sites. ...read more.


The Software I will be researching and looking at is the Microsoft office FrontPage. FrontPage is a WYSIWYG html editor and a website administration tool from Microsoft. In comparison to macromedia's Dream weaver software it has the WYSIWYG editor, again this allows FrontPage to hide the details of html codes from the user making it more possible to create a web page or a website better. Some of the features on this software are the help navigate through a site and lets you see the file structure and its contents visually. It also has a built in features for html, CSS and JavaScript. It is also compatible with Microsoft image composer. ...read more.


HTML can be an optional when creating and no special coding is required. Other features a user could do would be to upload images, media files, PDF's and more through the simple interface. It gives you a professional look with the included pre-designed templates. In addition to building and publishing a website, their software includes a full suite of community features. They provide notice posts on upcoming events with fully customizable descriptions to an event calendar. The use the bulletin boards to post messages and files, with a variety of moderation options. Software programs would include Microsoft word, word is one of the easiest programs to use in creating a website. But one of the easiest mistake users make when using word is not saving it in its right hyperlink. Other programs would include Microsoft PowerPoint etc.... ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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