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Motivation- drive reduction theory

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Coursework assignment 1(ssp111) Maslow hierarchy of needs-http://web.utk.edu/~gwynne/maslow.HTM Maslow, A. (1954). Motivation and Personality. New York: Harper & Row. Hertzberg, F. (1966). Work and the Nature of Man. Cleveland: World Publishing Co. Choose 1 of the major theories of psychology: Motivation- drive reduction theory Critically assess its application to a sport or health situation: David Beckhams move from Manchester united to real Madrid. Achieved all he wanted at old Trafford and wanted a new challenge in Spain. Drive reduction- an individual may be motivated to complete a task, which can be seen as a drive. When that drive is perceived as being fulfilled, then the drive is reduced. If the individual feels that he or she is performing to the best of their ability, the performance may well become habitual and the performer sees no reason to be motivated or driven to do better. ...read more.


The pressures from other people can also be extrinsic motivators; some young people participate in a sporting event just to please their parents. Intrinsic motivation Intrinsic motivation is a term used for the internal drives to participate or perform well. Such drives or emotional feelings include fun, enjoyment in participating and the satisfaction that can be felt that can be felt in playing a particular game. Personal accomplishment and a sense of pride are also intrinsic factors Maslows Hierarchy of needs Proposes that individuals have various levels of motivational needs, both physiological and psychological, that must be fulfilled in a specific order. People continue to attempt to satisfy those needs lower down the hierarchy before progressing to the next level. ...read more.


We need the security at home, work and with family. Love needs Humans have a desire to belong to groups: clubs, work groups, religious groups, family, gangs, etc. We need to feel loved (non-sexual) by others, to be accepted by others. We need to be needed. Esteem needs There are two types of esteem needs. Firstly, self esteem which results from competence or mastery of a task. Secondly, there's the attention and recognition that comes from others. For example, to drive an expensive car because doing so raises their level of esteem, due to recognition from mates etc. Self-actualisation The need for self-actualization is "the desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming." People who have everything can maximize their potential. They can seek knowledge, peace, aesthetic experiences, self-fulfilment, and oneness with God, etc. ...read more.

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