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My speech is all about piracy.

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Hello everybody, welcome to my speech. My speech is all about piracy. I think you all heard the word more than once. Piracy refers to illegally copying or distributing unauthorized software or music, mostly the internet is the medium for advertising, offering, acquiring, or distributing pirated software. Everyone can create a website. Besides, the explosive growth of e-commerce and mp3 sites and programs, such as mp3.com and Napster, have made it even easier for criminals to distribute software and music through the internet. This has decreased sales of legal software and audio-cd's. An estimated 2 million web pages offer, link to, or otherwise reference "warez" software - the internet code word for pirated software. A recent investigation indicates that more than 60% of software sold through internet auction sites is counterfeit and more than 90% is sold in violation of the publisher's license agreement. ...read more.


Microsoft made this move because they know that their software would be cracked anyway and hope to sell more of their product. To give you an example of the cracking of Microsoft software, last week but I got the opportunity to get a working copy ( in Dutch ! ) of the new operating system, Microsoft XP, even a day before the official release of the software. Now the three million dollar question: why should we pay for that nice new audio-cd or programme if you can get a copy for a few guilders? The development costs money. This applies both to music as well for software. If you buy legal software you'll have the right to get technical support and to get free or cheap updates of your software, if available. ...read more.


The BSA set up hundreds of criminal cases, closed down pirate internet sites, stops the illegal sale of pirated software through the internet and seizes illegal cd presses. All money collected from settlements is used to fund the organization's education and enforcement programs. My opinion about piracy. I think piracy is the direct result of the high prices. But not only that, the PlayStation became so popular because you have the opportunity to copy the cd-roms. Some people, including me, think that Sony on purpose created the possibility to copy them to get a high profit of the machines. There is a slight chance piracy can be stopped, because you can't check everything anywhere. If the prices of legal software and updates decrease a lot people would buy more legal and less illegal software. Ramon Fincken V54 Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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