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One of the administrative tasks in a hospital is to keep a record of the number of patients who loan out their equipment.

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1.0 Introduction One of the administrative tasks in a hospital is to keep a record of the number of patients who loan out their equipment. The patients may borrow equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches or even elbow collars depending on their injury. Some patients may still be in the hospital while others may be discharged. Records have to be kept of what is being borrowed, by whom, and when. It is also necessary to mention any equipment that is not available because it is being repaired. I have been asked to create a database to replace a manual one to record the necessary details and so that they can cut down on paper wastage and storage space. 2.0 Problems with Current System The current system to keep this sort of information is through lots of paper work and file organisation. Files of patients stored in the cabinets are manually stored and can cause misplacements of files. The records of patients and equipment all have to be searched through alphabetically (assuming these files are in alphabetical order) ...read more.


4.0 Data flow Diagram Patient Details Item Details Selected Patients Letters Reports 5.0 Constraints and Limitations The system developed is to be used by staff in the hospital. This is intended on replacing the old system. This could make the storage of information more in order and content. 5.1 Software Microsoft Access will be used to make this database. Microsoft Word will also be used in link with Microsoft Access to create word documents such as mail merge documents, which will be used to notify patients. 5.2 Hardware The computer used in the hospital needs to have a fast processing speed and a large hard disk. The speed is very useful when a lot of files are stored and the computer could slow down its search speed if it ahs to go through more files. The memory is required to store many lots of patients so that even previous patients have a file if accidently they return to the hospital they don't need to create a new file. ...read more.


I will have to decide on the fields I would need on the form, the way the data is to be viewed and the style of the form. Creating Queries A query is a question, for example "how many patients are borrowing equipment?" I will create several queries because there may be a lot of questions asked and to answer them in one simple way would make it easier for the user to find. For example to see what equipment is in stock, instead of checking each item the computer can find out for you by going through each item and finding it out in a matter of seconds. Creating Reports A report can be used to display a table or query in an appealing way, for example a report may be used to print out a full report on the location of all equipment, when it is due for return or renewal and that the patient should be contacted. I will also use mail merge for the letters of contacting patients to notify them of returning of renewing their equipment on loan. Section 1 - Investigation ...read more.

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