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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 5271

Powerpoint review project

Extracts from this document...


ICT GCSE Multimedia Project Josh Ashby Candidate No: 3201 Centre No: 61350 Identify The problem I am going to create a presentation on the English Premiership for people who do not know a lot about the current teams or limited information on England's top football league. During this task the user will have many requirements that will need to be met. These requirements are varied and are what the slideshow should contain. If I get the task completed quickly the user has asked to carry out an "extension task" that will have to be completed to give the task more detail. Identify a "real user" This presentation is mainly for young children but is also for beginners I am going to add features to make it stand out such as: Pictures, hyperlinks, action buttons, custom animations and background colours so that it makes it look interesting and exciting. Through this presentation I will try to give people an understanding of the sport. I am creating this presentation for Mr Davis and this persons requirements are for the presentation to be: Understandable, colourful and interesting. My presentation will contain lots of effects such as custom animations, and background colours, the presentation will also contain things such as pictures to show what I am describing in a visual way. The information that I want to put across is the basic information about the premiership for newcomers which is mainly young children and this will be made as detailed as possible so they gain a better understanding of the presentation. Alternative solution 1 Slide show- This could be produced to the audience in a clear way. The advantages of this are that it is clear, easy to use and exciting because of its features such as animations and sounds. The disadvantage of this solution is that you need the equipment to produce and display it and there is no physical record. ...read more.


size 32 font for editor name Action Buttons: On the bottom right of slide to advance to the next slide once clicked on. Custom Animations: Title: Bounce and fly out, Picture: Bounce and checkerboard, Editor Name: Dissolve in and wheel Sound: Antic Spirits Custom Animations These are the 'Entrance' animations. As you can see there is a drop down box allowing you to select the animation that you want for the animations to enter the slide. These are the 'Emphasis' animations. As you can see there is a drop down box allowing you to choose an animation from this list. These are animations that add extra excitement to the objects. These are the 'Exit' animations. You can select one of these animations from the drop down box shown which will allow the objects to exit from the slide. These are extra animations that are available for the slideshow called 'Motion Paths'. These are animations that can move the objects left, right, down, up and diagonally. You can also draw your own path by clicking on the second to last option 'Draw Custom Path' where it will allow you to draw a path from there. Action Buttons Down below is the action buttons that I will be using for my slideshow. These will be the same colour and can move back and forward. The forward action button that I will be using in blue colour. When clicked on it will move to the next slide. The back action button that will move to the previous slide when clicked on. Graphs/Charts These are standard types of chart. The list on the left hand side allows you to choose a chart type that you want to use. This could be anything from a line graph to a doughnut type. On the right hand side you can choose a chart sub type which allows you to lay out the chart in your preferred style. ...read more.


I will evaluate how I completed each of the following objectives: Background colours: I completed this objective because the background colours were set appropriately and had eye catching colour. Custom animations: I completed this objective as I added custom animations to the slideshow and they made it look interesting with various effects and movements. Photos: I completed this objective by adding photos to the slideshow for detail. Hyperlinks: I completed this objective by adding hyperlinks to the text I wanted and then clicking on them for easier and quicker navigation. Slide layouts: I completed this objective by selecting a slide layout for my slideshow and applying it to the slideshow. Timings: I completed this objective by adding slide timings and testing them to ensure that they ran at the correct pace. Word art: I completed this objective by adding word art on the first slide to start the slideshow. Action buttons: I completed this objective by adding action buttons to each slide so the user can navigate forth and back between slides. Even Font: I completed this objective by using font to a standard format so that the slideshow look neat and presentable. User Comments I showed my slideshow to the user and he said: "The slideshow is of very good quality", there are a good use of all of the features such as: Custom animations and background colours. These features have helped the slideshow to meet the required needs". These comments show that my slideshow is good and has been produced well. Further Development From the user comments there are ways in which I could develop my slideshow further. One way which I will develop my slideshow further is by adding more images to the slideshow as this will help the slideshow to look even more interesting and detailed. Another way which I could also develop the slideshow is by adding links to the internet from the text. This could link to a webpage or website. ?? ?? ?? ?? Josh Ashby Multimedia project Josh Ashby Multimedia project Page 1 of 34 Candidate no 3201 ...read more.

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