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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2332

Project 1a. ICT

Extracts from this document...


GCSE ICT Short Course Coursework - Project 1a INTRODUCTION: I have been asked to create a story booklet as a part of project 1a to show and the help children have fun but also learn about reading in general. To show this I have devised an 8 page booklet which gives a great outline of fun and desirability when the child is reading. This story will be designed to help children improve the reading ability and help them improve there imagination when writing stories or story booklets for themselves or as part school criteria. This booklet will be designed especially to hit at children ranging from ages 4 to 8 years old. This project helps show my skills as a writer and an analyzer of a current story booklet as this task gets you to write very informally to what I would be used to normally. Writing in an informal manner helps the children learn little steps at a time so that they do not get to confused. Overall I would like to clarify that this booklet as very good child based themes, which is about a 'Futuristic Adventure into space'. The application I will be using for the making of this story booklet is Microsoft Powerpoint. This is a quick easy way of producing a perfect story book for children. ...read more.


As you can see I have added a plus sign in between the zoo and animals search. Now the search engine has produced zoo animals in a productive search which will be very specific. Organisation Of My Work: The organisation of my work is vital to keeping my work neat, tidy and easy to understand. I have made a new folder inside my I.T folder stating that 'Project 1a' is inside. As you can see below that I have taken a screen shot of my directory structure so that you can see how I organise my work. The folders that make up 'Project 1a' are all clearly named and are all appropriate. The reason you save all your work in various different folders I for reasons such as if there was a power cut, your work would be lost. You need to keep saving at least every 15 minutes. Above in the screenshot it shows all my 'Project 1a' work and how I saved it. This is how I created my 'Project 1a Folder'. EDITING TECHNIQUES It is often very necessary to edit images or work when your going through different PowerPoint's, Word documents etc. Editing images can be very important as you want your pictures to be appropriate for your desired audience to give the results you need. ...read more.


Show Consistency: Consistency is a vital part of my project as my actually story booklet is extremely simple and is easy to read and interpret. Overall my design should be recognized as a perfect story booklet. Throughout the booklet my title and writing fonts have to be the same so I can prove I have consistency throughout my work. I have used font Arial in font size 18 throughout the presentation. Also throughout the presentation I have used the same layout on all of the designed, the title/story writing at the top and then one or two pictures below this to show a clear understanding that I can use consistency in the story booklet. Differences: * The front and the back pages are different as they consist of my name, the title of the piece, the ending and pictures of the story booklet itself. * Pictures do change on each slide so you need different slides with different descriptions. Spell Checker: The coursework states you need to use a spell checker when checking your work, I know how to spell visited but this is an example of how you would check this if worded incorrectly. I have now showed you how you spell check a word, by highlighting the word and then right clicking, and choosing the correct option available. Finished slide after it had been spell checked fully. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Haydn Dodge 11H Page 1 ...read more.

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