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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1688

South Leeds Health Centre would now like me to develop a patient information system for the Health Centres various waiting rooms.

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SLHC Patient Information System _______________________________________________________________________ 1: Introduction 1.1: Requirements Having successfully produced a personnel database and staff ID cards, the partners of the South Leeds Health Centre would now like me to develop a patient information system for the Health Centres various waiting rooms. They would like a system that patients can use to help to improve their knowledge of some of: o Healthy Eating. o Giving up Smoking. o The benefits of Regular Exercise. o A simple Diagnostic System. o Contraception. o Healthy Babies. The system has to be easy to use preferably by mouse and should not need any ICT expertise once installed and up and running. The steps I will be taking to do this are as follows: o Theory - Expert systems. - Expert systems for health diagnosis. - Why build the system? - Benefits of system for patients. - Benefits of system for Health Centre. o Research - Input Devices. - Display Devices. - Health Information. - Diet Information. - Repeat Prescription Application. - Design Specification. o Design - Two structures. - Two layouts. - Outline storyboard. o Implementation - Suitability of design. - Development of system. - Hardware report. - Software report. o Testing - Reasons for testing. ...read more.


This also means that more than one person can access the data at the same time, which reduces the number of cases where people have to wait for information. ICT has made the process of handling drugs and medicine records and stock a lot easier to manage. Before a receptionist would have had to have all records and stock recorded on file paper, and would have to spend time making changes to them. Since the introduction if ICT the receptionist can easily change any details as well as check up on stock using ICT. As shown in the last project the Centre now has the Patient database, which allows access to any details needed. This is contrary to before, as all data would have been recorded on paper and then filed away among the other records. This was a disadvantage as it would be time consuming to find and change details without the use of ICT. The use of ICT has also reduced the number of critical sudden fatalities. The use of machines like heart monitors with alarms has made a great improvement to the days when a nurse would check every so often. The introduction of safety equipment has been helpful to any health service that uses them. ...read more.


This will let more people see doctors for more urgent tings. 2.6: Benefits of System for Health Centre One of the main reasons the Centre wants the new system is to give patients something to do while they are waiting to be seen by a doctor. The new system may make patients feel happier about finding out the data for themselves, which will then improve the reputation of the centre via word of mouth. The system will also give patients the chance to look up valuable pieces of information that will improve their knowledge of health. Any kind of knowledge is helpful, and patients may feel happy that the Centre is providing this kind of service. 3: Research 3.1: Input Devices 3.2: Display Devices 3.3: Health Information 3.4: Diet Information 3.5: Repeat Prescription Application 3.6: Design Specification 4: Design 4.1: Two Structures 4.2: Two Layouts 4.3: Outline Story Board 5: Implementation 5.1: Suitability of design 5.2: Development of System 5.3: Hardware Report 5.4: Software Report 6: Testing 6.1: Reasons for Testing 6.2: Methods for Testing 6.3: Test Plan 6.4: Evidence of Tests 6.5: Improvements After Testing 7: Documentation 7.1: User Guide 7.2: Technical Guide 7.3: Review of Guides 7.4: Improved User Guide 7.5: Improved Technical Guide 8: Evaluation 8.1: Comparison With Design Specification 8.2: Comparison With a real System 8.3: Benefits and Drawbacks of Finished System 8.4: Training Required ...read more.

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