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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1639

The database I have created is for a movie shop. It will contain information about the members of the shop the information about the VHS's and DVD's.

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A database is a quick, reliable way of storing data on a computer or a network. The old fashion way of storing data was in hundreds of paper files, this was very unreliable, time-consuming, and generally time more stress and hard work. With the aid of modern databases, you have the security of having back-up data ready in the event that the data is lost, you can find the data you need, usually with a click of the mouse and the most stress you will be under will be the stress of updating the data on a regular basis. A database usually consists of forms or tables with numbers and text. An example of database software, and usually the most common means, is Microsoft(r) Access. The database I have created is for a movie shop. It will contain information about the members of the shop the information about the VHS's and DVD's. It will help the user to identify all the members of the movie company and the movies owned by the store. When the database is completed, it will enable the user to search for a particular member or movie. It will also enable the user to put all the entries in any desired order. ...read more.


To change them, you have to click on the data type that you want to change: When you do this, a drop-down menu will appear with all the various data types. To choose one, simply click on it. A primary key in a table in a database is used to identify each record in the table. It has to be unique e.g. a member ID. You can allocate a primary key by first clicking on the field where you want to allocate the primary key and then clicking on the primary key button in the toolbar: After you click on the Primary Key button, you will see a picture of a key next to the field where it has been allocated: This means that the primary key was successfully created. Now, you have successfully created a table for your database. Next, click on the close button on the table screen: When you click on close, there will be a screen asking you to name your table. This is what the table will be called. Instead of filling in information into tables, you can make it easier by creating forms. To create a form, you have to click on the Create Form by Using Wizard button: This will help you to create a form using existing data from a table. ...read more.


Once you have dragged one field to another, you will see a screen similar to the one below: This screen is showing the fields that are going to be linked together. For the relationship to work properly, you have to tick all the boxes under the relationship. Once you have done this, click on Create. This will create the relationship. Once you have created your relationships, it should end up looking something like this: As you can see, I have also created two relationships, one for Member ID, and one for Video ID. The 1 and ? signs at each end of the relationship mean that the type of relationship we have made is called a 'one-to-many' relationship. Now my database is complete and I can start using it to help run a video shop. I think my database turned out exactly as I had planned. I think I used the right field names, data types, etc. I can now extend the database by adding a new table for, let's say, video games. I kept my data and system for errors using an AntiVirus Software package called Symantec Norton SystemWorks 2003: This is a very reliable software package and I also used it as a means to keep my work safe and secure. I also avoided data loss by saving my work on a removable disk regularly. ...read more.

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