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The database is created due to need for a programme which could monitor a local youth club, which is responsible for arranging and organising music concerts for bands.

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Task 1-User Requirements The database is created due to need for a programme which could monitor a local youth club, which is responsible for arranging and organising music concerts for bands. One of numerous objectives is to be able to store information this is its most basic function. Instead of relying on traditional methods of storing information in physical file folders and cabinets, a database provides digital storage of information as regards to potential bands. Furthermore an additional aspect which is considered vital is information concerning fans that have previously been present at concerts. A key aspect of the database which is essential to the potential success is the functionality, subsequently to search and store data would become effortless with a high-quality database. ...read more.


Another reasoning behind this method is big advances in database technology allows multiple users to access and update information. This information will then be instantly viewable by all users. Not only does this enhance communication within the company, but it also ensures an informed and positive approach to customer service. A necessity for this is Secure Data Management this means data files stored within a database benefit from increased security. It's less likely that private information stored within a database will be compromised, Information can be classified, and it will be easier to keep duplicate records. A database that is used effectively will minimize the need for extra staff to maintain information. ...read more.


It is imperative that the database to use is straightforward and reliable, so that bands and fans are always within contact. Details concerning all four bands * Band Name * Record Label * Genre * Agent * Tel no. Information regarding a minimum of 20 supporters * Membership No. * Fist Name * Last Name * Address 1 * Address 2 * Address 3 * Postcode * Tel No. * Favourite Band * No. of concerts attended I intend to design and create the database, which will contain bands, fans etc. information. It will comprise of the desired information needed for the database. Another segment of information which will be input is style of music, so ultimately the user can contact fans which prefer a particular type of music, which in turn can be sent details regarding a band of the same style. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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