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The Legislations That Protect Individuals and Groups Form Misuse of ICT

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The Legislations That Protect Individuals and Groups Form Misuse of ICT In this section I am going to demonstrate my knowledge of the legislation by describing it and explaining how it protects me. I will also explain what it does and does not do for me. What is legislation? Legislation means a law or a set of laws, which have been made by parliament. With many people using computers, and many people storing valuable information I them i.e. bank account numbers etc. there are also many people who try to get this information with the intent to misuse it. In order to tackle these problems new legislations have been made. These new legislations include Data Protection Act, The Computer Misuse Act, The Health And Safety At Work Act, and the Regulation Of Investigatory Powers Act. Below I will look at all the mentioned legislations in close detail and explain what they mean, how it protects me, other people i.e. adults (and in employments), my community and look at the positive and negative aspects of the legislations. Data Protection Act The Data Protection Act reads that data discovered by one person to another person may only be used for the certain reason for which they were discovered. Information may only be kept for an appropriate length of time and must not be shown to other people without the permission of the data owner. ...read more.


Work should be planned to allow some time for rest/break. Health and safety training must be provided to all members of stuff and appointments must be arranged for eye-tests and glasses if required. How it affects me At this moment in my life I feel this I feel this legislation does not really affect me for the simple reason that I am not employed yet, but I feel that it is an important legislation which will help me in the future. The legislation will help me to work in a save environment and make sure that my employer does not overwork me. If the employer complies with the legislation I will be able to work happily and concentrate on my work. How it Affects Adults In Employment My uncle Sean who owns a delivery company has to comply with this legislation as he is an employer. It allows his workers to work in a safe environment, and if they work in a safe environment they are able to concentrate more on the work therefore increasing the work rate. Even though this is a good advantage some employers like my uncle Sean feel that, as his work place needs someone with good eye sight as they have to handle many heavy products. The legislation is unfair as he has to pay for the employee to have an eye test. ...read more.


The Computer Misuse Act: This law is one of the most influential to regular computer users and I feel it should be re-written to match modern day society. I say this because I feel like stated before hacking techniques, technologies are improving while the law is made to tackle criminals of the 90s who have become cleverer. I feel that the law should not necessarily need to be re-written but to be re-worded to match today's hacking equipment and techniques. The Health And Safety At Work Act: this legislation is good and gives employees a way of overcoming unsafe working environments. This legislation could be made better by making the legislation balanced, as I feel that the legislation is more in favour of employees than employers for example in some circumstances an employer has to pay for the employee to receive eye-tests if required to carry out the job. Regulation Of Investigatory Powers Act: although with good intentions of keeping people safe. I feel this legislation from all that I have researched has the most flaws. I feel this legislation gives government and those of high authority to much power. The words used in the legislation have many definitions and could be easily manipulated to suite the government. For example the definition of public telecommunications services is broad and could apply to internet services providers, phone companies, or even someone running a web site which means that the government has free rights to intrude into almost any persons private information and communications. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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