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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3543

The use of IT in producing a news letter.

Extracts from this document...


4th IT COURSEWORK ANALYSIS:- There is a new private school has established in my area called "Summer fields Tutorial". In that school, there are about 100 students. Now, that school has decided to publish a weekly newsletter, which will contain the sports report and the details about the upcoming events of next week. At the moment they have already started to create news letter. They produced those news letters without using any help from IT. As expected, the newsletter is not up to standard. It is only typed by using typewriter, and then photocopied 100 times (according to the number of students). I have talked to the secretary of the school about the procedure of creating the news letter. Whatever I heard from her is completely unbelievable. That's because she needs to spend an entire afternoon to create a final news letter for a week. After that she has to photocopy that 100 times! Though she has done all these hard work but still the final product is still not very nice to look at. The reasons for that are :- 1) It is typewritten (using type writer). 2) It doesn't contain any graphic. 3) The photocopied version looks a bit dark and it's black on the edges as well. If any last minutes change has to be made then it would become a nightmare for the secretary, because she has to type an entire new newsletter which will take another 3 to 4 hours. It takes long time because of any error. As we know in typewriting if any error is been made than we have to use tippex to correct it, if there are more than one mistake then the newsletter have to be typed one more time. So we can see that the secretary have to be very experienced and pin point correct every time. Below, I have given the interview which I took from the secretary (Miss kaily). ...read more.


9. In the "Inside this Issue" frame, click anywhere on the text "Inside Story" and type the title of the next article you want in the newsletter. Add as many stories as you plan to have in your newsletter. 10. On the File menu, click Save to save the changes you have made to your newsletter. To insert an existing story 1. Create and save your story using your word processing software. 2. In the Newsletter, click anywhere in the text frame. 3. On the Insert menu, click Text File. 4. Select the word processing file with the story you want to insert. 5. Click Insert. The story will appear in the text frame. To enter information in the inside of the newsletter 1. To go to the second page of the newsletter, click the page icon with the number 2 on the Status Bar, which is at the bottom of the Publisher window. You should see a page icon for each of the pages currently in your newsletter. 2. On the Newsletter Wizard in the left pane, click Inside Page Content. The Inside Page Content Wizard allows you to change the layout of the page to accommodate the information types you may want to add to the newsletter. 3. In the lower-left pane, click the Calendar with 1 story option. 4. In the drop-down box in the left pane, select Right Inside Page. 5. Continue to customize headlines and articles as described earlier in this lesson. 6. On the File menu, click Save to save the changes you have made to your newsletter. Entering captions for graphics No matter how good an illustration is, a caption can tell the readers even more. In the newsletter, each of the Picture frames also has a caption frame attached. You can also insert caption frames in your publications. To change the caption 1. Click the story graphic on the bottom of page 2. ...read more.


It not just cut the time of creating the newsletter in to half it also create a touch of elegance in to that newsletter. Before the newsletter did not used to contain any type of graphics at all, but in my solution it is full of graphics. I have created columns in to the newsletter which will look like a newspaper and top of it; it will look like a professional made newsletter. I gave this solution to the secretary and after one week I went to ask her how she felt about my solution. Below I have given her comment about my solution:- I have never thought that my job will become so easy and less time consuming ever in my life. I don't have any word to describe about this solution. I can only say that this solution is amazing. It reduced my working time in half. It is very easy to use so I did not have to face much problem while I was using it for the first time. Before I used to worry about how to type up the newsletter correctly, but after I get this solution I don't have to worry about spelling mistakes any more. I can correct it and I don't have to write the entire newsletter again. I don't know much about computer but still I can create the newsletter which will look like as if it is done by any professional people. I can also change the design easily. Before I couldn't include any picture in too our newsletter but now I can. This helps a lot to connote our message. There is lots of rum to improve the solution. One way we can improve it by adding borders and shading in to the newsletter. That will enhance the beauty of the look of the newsletter a lot. That was just an example. That was just an example. This solution can be improved lot more; it all depends on the user and how they like to use it. 1 ...read more.

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