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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2362

Web Pages design work

Extracts from this document...


Web Pages design work User Needs: My web site is going to be about computer hardware. It will help users with a basic knowledge on computing to decide what they want for there existing or new computer. It will give the users the average prices for each listed computer component/device, and will explain to users how the computer components/devices work, and will explain the different advantages and disadvantages of the component/device. This can then help users to learn new facts on computer hardware, but most importantly decide what they need and don't need, and also will help them to keep to an allocated budget by giving the average prices. Information Requirements: The information needed for the web site is: 1. Input Devices - a picture of each device, an explanation on how it works, its advantages, its disadvantages and its average price (�). 2. Output Devices - a picture/photo of each device, an explanation on how it works its advantages, its disadvantages and its average price. 3. Storage Devices - a picture or animation of each device, an explanation on how it works, its advantages & disadvantages, and lastly its average price. 4. Main Processing Unit - a picture or animation of each device, an explanation on what it is and what it does, and lastly its average price. ...read more.


I then searched through the list using the up and down pointing arrows. Once I found a font that I liked, I clicked on it once, and the font was now changed. As I have shown before, I used the centre align button on the toolbar so that I could write in the centre of the page. This is shown below: I then had to change the font size to 4 using the font drop down menu on the toolbar. (Shown on the left) All I had to do now was type the text. When this was done a pressed the 'Enter' key twice, I now had to type the title 'Computer Hardware...' I used the same methods as shown before for changing the size, alignment and font. This is what I had so far, but it wasn't complete because I now had to type in the titles for each web page. I typed the page names on separate lines (by pressing enter), and changed the font, alignment and size as shown before. The titles are: Input Devices, Output Devices, Storage Devices, Main Processing Unit and Advice on Buying a Computer. Once I had completed the page titles I inserted a border shown in the 3 steps below on the next page. (1) Highlight all work on the page (2) ...read more.


The hyper link action button is now complete; I did the same for the other four pages. Once all of the hyperlinks were made, I tested them by opening up the webpage and exploring it, it is important that these links are correct because if they were not, a user would not be able to navigate around the site properly. Backing up my work To ensure that data is not lost I saved and made back ups regularly, to do this I: (1) Click on 'File' on the main toolbar, then click on 'Save as...' (2) When a window pops up select the file location by using the down pointing arrow and click on 'Save'. To make back ups I saved the web pages in different file locations under different names and also on a floppy disc. I also did this by sending a copy of the file to a floppy disc. This is shown on the next page. (1) Open up the location of the file that you want to back up in 'My Computer' (2) Right-click on the document and click on 'Send to', then select the floppy disc. The file is now backed up on a floppy disc. So if anything were to happen to the file, I can replace it with the back up. ?? ?? ?? ?? Webpage Report Page 1 ...read more.

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