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What should I look for in a digital camera?

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What should I look for in a digital camera? If you're thinking of buying a digital camera then you need to look at its size, the quality of the pictures you'll get, the number of pics it can store and how fast you can copy them to your PC, its battery life and - of course - the cost. This is a long list, but you need to be sure that you're buying a camera that will do all the things you want. You wouldn't want to buy the first camera you saw only to find there are cheaper models around that do everything you want. What sort of photo Ask yourself what sort of photos you're likely to take - will they mostly be holiday snaps or quick photos of the kids playing in the park? Or do you want everyone in their best clothes with hair brushed and mouths wiped for the family portrait? ...read more.


But for a little more money you can get one with a screen in the back. When you take a photo you get to see it on the screen, or you can even use it as a way of lining up your photo before you take it instead of looking through the viewfinder. But the main reason is to have a look at the photo you've just taken - if it wasn't any good then you can get rid of it and take another. Perfect for when Auntie Jane blows her nose at just the wrong time! How many - how fast? Each time you take a photo it gets stored on your camera, and that uses space in the camera's computer memory. Most cameras, apart from budget ones, have a special card that stores the pictures - it might be called 'CompactFlash' or a 'Memory Stick' - and you can bung another one in, like putting a new film into an ordinary camera. ...read more.


Apart from the top of the range expensive ones they are all fixed focus, so you don't have to worry about blurry pictures of the kids in the sea, and they do things like controlling the exposure and shutter speed automatically. In fact, you'll have to pay a lot more if you're a serious photographer who wants to do that sort of thing for themselves. Price and performance Once you know how much you can afford then you can look around for a camera that does as much of the stuff you want at or under that price. Camera Price Range Pictures you can print Number of pictures the camera holds Zoom lens Budget Under 100 pounds Not really - mostly for looking at on screen 16-32 No Point and Shoot Around 150 pounds Yes, but not great quality 32-64 Yes / No Mid End Home User Under 300 pounds OK for standard photos 64+ Yes High End Home User Over 300 pounds Yes - even large size 64+ Yes Advanced 1000 pounds plus Absolutely! Could be thousands! Yes ...read more.

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