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Biology coursework is to find the different variations in our science class.

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Variation There are two types of variation; Continuous and discontinuous. Continuous variation means there is a range which is quite large e.g. height and weight. Whereas discontinuous variation means only a small number of possibilities e.g. eye colour or hair colour. The aim of this biology coursework is to find the different variations in our science class. Results NOTE: All graphs are on the last pages. Analysis of graph 1 - Sex The first graph shows the number of males and females in my random sample. As the graph display, there are 8 females and 7 males. This can not prove that there are literally more girls than boys in the class or school because this is just a random but proportional sample. While the foetus is not yet a human, it is an equal chance that it could be a male of female. The sperm and egg cells determine the sex of the child. The genetic cross below explains this. As you can see, females hold only x chromosomes (total of 46) whereas males hold 23 X chromosomes and 23 Y chromosomes. Meiosis occurs; the numbers of chromosomes are halved to produce gametes (sex cells). The child receives 23 chromosomes from each parent, resulting the possibility of being a boy or a girl; the child might receive the x chromosomes of both parents, hence becomes a girl.


Graph 3 shows the number of people with 3 different eye colours. Apparently, brown eyes are the most popular. One reason for this might be because the sample was from an area where there are more people of a certain race such as Asians, who usually have brown eyes. There also seems to be very few people who have blue and green eyes, for probably the same reason; environment. To outcome getting brown eyes, both parents must be carrying at least one dominant brown eye allele. The diagram above shows the possibilities of inheriting brown eyes. When showing a genetic cross, the capital letter always represents the dominant allele. Therefore it is a one in four chance that the child will inherit blue eyes. But obviously, not only brown eyes can be inherited. Depending on which allele the parents carry, determines what the child inherits. Sometimes people might have different colour eyes to their parents or to the majority around them. We could call this mutation, which is a change in genetic material of an organism which usually causes a change in its characteristics. Analysis of graph 4 - Tongue rolling This graph shows how many people are capable in rolling their tongue. From the graph we can tell that many people can roll their tongue.


And one of the people with the smallest size feet is the shortest. The peak point in the bell distribution allows us to find out the average foot size of the class is, which is 6. Since height is related to foot size, we can conclude that foot size is inherited. Conversely, it is also environmental. In certain parts of the world, such as China, women bind their feet very tight so they do not grow. They do this as a sort of tradition. Another reason why it is environmental is because they might be lacking malnutrition. This is the improper way of eating leading to a decrease in growth rates. This can affect the growth of height in the same way too. Evaluation If I could improve the results to make them more reliable and the analysis more clearly I would find out more about the samplers parents and family. For example, if I found out if either of their parents are able to roll their tongue I could have more evidence to prove that tongue rolling is inherited. I can also find out whether their family are tall or short to find out if more people in the group inherit dominant or recessive genes. Overall the main point would be to find out more genetic information of their family members about the factors I investigated. Furthermore, I am satisfied with the results I gained. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 -

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