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Discuss the role of genetics & cultural differences in the development of intelligence.

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MORAL DEVELOPMENT DISCUSS THE ROLE OF GENETICS & CULTURAL DIFFERENCES IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF INTELLIGENCE. A study into IQ and genetics by Plomin et al. (1997) found from a longitudinal study of 245 children adopted (before the age of 1) that there was a correlation between the child and both sets of parents. Common sense suggests that as the child grew older they would become more like adoptive parents. However, this was not the case, instead the opposite happened in IQ, in adolescence there was no correlation with adoptive parents, the correlation wit biological parents remained. There was no difference adopted children and a control group who remained with biological parents. ...read more.


These individuals may influence IQ. Cultural factors are also apparent in differences in the desire to succeed. In an investigation into home background, the Rochester Longitudinal Study (Sameroff et al. 1993) that began in the 1970s has followed several hundred children from birth to adolescence. It has identified 10 environmental factors that were found to affect the children's IQ. The more factors a child had, the lower their IQ. In fact, IQ decreased at a rate of about 4 IQ points per factor, and together the factors were found to account for almost half the variability in children's IQ scores. However, these data are correlational. It may be that low parental IQ was the cause of the risk factors (e.g. ...read more.


There were: using a wide vocabulary, high rates of approval, language with a high information content, asking children about things rather than being directive, and responding to children. There was a correlation of 0.78 between IQ at age 3 and these parenting behaviours. Research by Shuey (1966) found that on average, black Americans score 15 points lower than white Americans on IQ tests. Goddard (1929) stated that 3/4 of the Italians, Jews and Russians tested were feeble minded. This lead to mass deportation and the introduction of the 1917 immigration act. Jensen (1969) argued that the difference between the two groups was the result of genetic differences. Scarr & Weinberg (1976) showed that for black children adopted into white families, IQ scores were 25 points higher than the mean for black children in general. ...read more.

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