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Explore The Freudian Presentation Of Awakening Female Sexuality In 'The Courtship Of Mr. Lyon' & 'The Tiger's Bride'

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Explore The Freudian Presentation Of Awakening Female Sexuality In 'The Courtship Of Mr. Lyon' & 'The Tiger's Bride' Angela Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber' is a series of classic fairy tales presented through a feminist perspective. Carter's writing is filled with references to other texts (intertextuality) and confusing language. A lot her work deals with the status of the male and the female. She presents this by reworking binaries as if to say there is male and female with nothing in between in terms of characteristics, personality and other things. These aspects are also very important when analysing The Courtship of Mr Lyon and Tiger's Bride. However it is the work of Freud that it is most noticeable in the two stories. His theories on the awakening of female sexuality are highly significant in both of Carter's works. In 'The Courtship Of Mr Lyon", we see the idea of the female's desire for the man. In the story the daughter wants something from her father which he cannot give to her. This is referred to as the Electra complex. It explains the maturing process of the female. ...read more.


This shows the female confusion about their role and identity in society. "The Tiger's Bride" begins with the idea of desire as well but this time for financial gain through marriage. Beauty means to her father the money he needs to pay his debts -"My father lost me to the Beast at cards." This shows the female to almost be a male possession. She feels she has to be though, because otherwise she is of less value than males and is disillusioned with her role in society. This is the idea of phallocentricity. In The Tiger's Bride, the beast decides to unveil himself and is exposed to the female's gaze, taking off his clothes and mask. He reveals his true self as the beast. He no longer hides behind the social construction and shows his animal side to the bride that was previously hidden. In return the bride identifies herself by taking off her clothes and her mask of feminine construction. Both therefore give into their 'Id'. This duality between fear and desire can also be linked to Freud's theories on female sexuality. ...read more.


So, to conclude, both 'The Courtship of Mr Lyon' and 'The Tiger's Bride' deconstruct the masculine and feminine gender by comparing them to each other. Such comparisons that are made are the idea of the male and the female, the human and the not-human, and nature versus culture. Therefore the genders are binaries in the sense that they are always opposite to one another with their separate characteristics like women are more emotional than men, and men are stronger the women. However these are just notions that have been going on since the beginning of time. So, Carter as a feminist tries to show in fact women are not victims of men. They have sexual desire as well and they shouldn't have to succumb to the demands of society. It is the idea that if women show that they are "up for it" i.e want sex then they are no longer victims and hence go against the theories of Freud. This leads on to my final point that because Carter as a feminist, has elevated women so much and made them no longer victims, there is the idea that the higher they get on the pedestal the lower they will fall into the depths of impurity and evil. ?? ?? ?? ?? Robdeep Sangha L6SB ...read more.

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