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Find out student's views on their own self-efficacy.

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Activity A: Questions, self-reports and questionnaires. State the aim of this activity. The aim of this activity is to find out student's views on their own self-efficacy. Give Examples of the Questions used, including and rating scales etc. The statements used in this investigation, which are measured on a likert scale, were selected from the Ralf Schwarzer, & Matthias Jerusalem study from 1993. A few examples of the statements are below: Not at all true Hardly True Reasonably True Exactly true I can always manage to solve difficult problems if I try hard enough If someone opposes me, I can find the ways and means to get what I want I am certain that I can accomplish my goals The results are measured given that, "Not at all true" is given one point, "Hardly True" is given two points, "Reasonably True" is given three points and "Exactly True" is given four points. ...read more.


There were eight males selected and twelve females, and their ages ranging from 16-19. Outline the procedure used for collecting data. The procedure followed for collecting this data was in a classroom environment as to keep it as natural as possible. Each of the students was given the sheet to fill in and asked to not to discuss their answers. There was no time limit given for this investigation. Once each participant had completed the questionnaire I collected the results from them, and added the total score at the bottom of the sheet. Use this space for summary of your results. Participant Score of Self Efficacy (x) x^2 1 26 676 2 37 1369 3 29 841 4 24 576 5 26 676 6 30 900 7 35 1225 8 37 1369 9 40 1600 ...read more.


With only three of the participants rating less than 25, this illustrates that no more than 15% of the twenty participants hold low self-efficacy. State the conclusions, which you drew from your findings. The aim of this activity was to find out student's views on their own self-efficacy. From the results I found that young people who attend Franklin 6th Form College tend to hold very high self-efficacy. This would indicate strong self-esteem and optimism. However, I feel as though these results are not overly accurate, as it is decidedly likely for there to be a high degree of social desirability, as all participants where aware of the fact that this was not a confidential study. In knowing this they are likely to have put answers, which they would like to be perceived as rather than how they truly feel. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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