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Here is my 'Life in the Day of Jonathan Smithies'.My mum usually wakes me up at around 6:30 am because I have to walk tothe bus at 7:30. When I wake up I turn my fan

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A Life in the Day


My name is Jonathan Smithies and I am 14 years old. I go to school at
Altwood C of E Secondary; I am very happy there and I have lots of
friends. Here is my ‘Life in the Day of Jonathan Smithies’.

My mum usually wakes me up at around 6:30 am because I have to walk to
the bus at 7:30. When I wake up I turn my fan on so as to keep cool,
that’s one of life’s problems for me; I am always too hot. I prefer to
get up with plenty of time so that I have time simply to be, before
going into school. I don’t like to rush. It takes me about five to ten
minutes to rouse myself and properly awake. Another thing about me is
I find it really hard to get myself out of bed on weekdays. At
weekends I get up really early, probably because I know I have a whole
day ahead of me (quite different to other teenagers), and on school
days it is quite the contrary, I would love to lie in, but as fate
would have it, that’s impossible. My school uniform is already on my
chair (I lay it out the previous night), I get dressed and washed and
go downstairs to have my breakfast. I always eat the same breakfast
for about six months and then I’ll change and have something else. At

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with leather seats when I’m older, I just can’t bare it! I say
‘cheers’ to the coach driver and walk into school.

I congregate with my friends at about 8:25am and hang around chatting
with them until the bell goes for registration. I would say I have
firm friendships with them. Before we go to registration we arrange a
meeting place for break depending on where our lessons are. Next is

My form tutor is Mr Leonard and I sit at the edge of the room, the
best place for me so that if my tics get bad standing up is possible,
thereby not bothering other people much. I share a table with David
(he’s alright); Isabella and Jamie sit in front, both of whom are my
friends. Mr Leonard calls the register and we move on to our first
lesson. This time is fun, I get to talk to the people in my tutor
group and that is always a good time.

The first lesson on Monday is science with Mr. Witney. At least the
week starts with my favourite lesson. I think I’ll probably go into
something science related when I’m older, certainly not languages,
I’ve dropped those already. At my table are my LSA, Mr. Ng, Isabella,
Sam, Laura and Hazel. I really enjoy science. Tourette Syndrome means
that there are times when I am unable to write or use a computer
because my tics (jerky movements)
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with mealtimes and that is the amount of china that can get broken if
I’m left alone with my plate and cutlery for company. Involuntary tics
can cause major destruction!!

Once homework is complete I might get my bike out or take Amber for a
walk around the block, or if there’s nothing better to do I might sit
and watch a film, preferably an exciting and fast moving one. If the
film doesn’t go the way I want it to, tension builds up, and this I
find hard to cope with.

My bedtime routine never changes much, pyjamas, wash, teeth, into bed
and music on; sleep sometimes comes quickly, sometimes not, but when
it comes it is usually uninterrupted and dreamless. How boring is
that? I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have “exciting”
dreams. Maybe I should eat more cheese!!

Looking towards the future, it is my aspiration to get a place in a
university studying zoology. I am hoping to become a zoological
scientist and I am determined to achieve that aim whatever dilemmas
may enter my path, Tourette’s being the prime obstacle. I have
struggled through a number of hard times in my life due to this
disorder and am willing to persevere until hopefully it improves. If
it doesn’t, although often in late teens-early twenties it does, then
my future might be more unbearable than I’ve ever dreamed, but so long
as I have good, supporting friends and family and lots of
encouragement I am in no doubt that I will succeed in my career.

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