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I have written a leaflet to persuade teenagers to come over to Madrid

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Myrna Assaf

Hungin’ out in the uk, with nothing to do? Another miserable weekend at home with unpleasent weather? Why dont you come over to Madrid? Its charm, its fiestas, its tablaos and its pinchos are some of the many things that will make you fall in love with this “enjoyacular” city; more than enjoyable, more than spectacular. image00.jpg

Madrid is synonymous with art galleries, bullfights, bar culture and alfresco dining. Not only this but Madrid has very famous and well-known monuments that are worth visiting. Dont worry I wont make you have long, tyring and stressfull walks. Take a ride on the red bus which will take you on a tour past the most interesting monuments that Madrid has.

Where to go:

Fiesta fun, fun and fiesta. Madrid is a paradise for teenagers. We Madrileños take enjoyment seriously and there is every opportunity to join us. This city and its people were born for entertaining the senses. You will probably be thinking: Madrid, but it has no beaches or coast? Well the thing is that in Madrid we don’t need sun nor sand. Over 50 night clubs are resposible for a full night out for making you forget about anything like sea. You can continue the 'night' until sunrise. Most of the following places open Thursday to Saturday and evenings before public holidays. As a rule, clubs (which in Spain are called discotecas) start edging punters out at 6am. Nothing much is going on before 1am.

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cercanías) filling in the gaps. With such good public transport, you don't need a car to sightsee.

And for the fashion victims:

The city is full of interesting nooks to explore and feed the shopper's soul. Everything from high fashion through to flea markets and grand delicatessens are on offer. Many of the shops include Bershka, Zara, Mango and many other famous shops which will be waiting anxiusly to receive you. These shops can be found in many central streets like Sol for instance but Madrid has a great number of malls that allow you the opportunity to “shop-till-you-drop”.


I have written a leaflet to persuade teenagers to come over to Madrid. I did  not feel the need to use highly sophisticated language and I didn’t want to complicate the reading as i wanted to ensure the readers comprehension in order to persuade them to come to spain. As the vocabulary used can be esily understood by most young adults I have made my lexical choice appealing to the targeted audience.  It is kept relatively uncomplicated except to provide detail, and is easy to follow. I’ve tried to make the text short and concise so that ther reader doesn’t get bored or lose interest and has a good detailed overview of the what to expect from Spain. It is written with a very informal tone since it targeted at teenagers and i felt there should be a reader writer relation.

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To make my leaflet more descriptive i used lots of adjectives. Things like “fast” “efficient” or “famous” are some of the adjectives ive used to make my text more descriptive. In one case ive used the rule of three: “long, tyring and stressful”. I think this gives the text more musicallity........

I have used repetition of a sturcture “Fiesta fun, fun and fiesta”. I did this to give the textmore musicallity and becaus i think it is an interesting repetition. By repeating the two key woprds it makes the point clear; there is going to be fun at the same time that there is going to be fiesta. I have also used italiscs to show the spanish words. This includes “madrileños”, “tablaos” or “pinchos”. I chose to leave these words in spanish because people are coming to spain and i though it would be good for them to start and familiarise themselves with the words they are going to hear in Spain. Another graphological choice is the fact that i put the word night in inverted commas. I did this for people to see that its not really night. After 3 oclock it starts to be morning. So i used inverted commas to give it a sense of irony and therofore more persuasive.

To make my text more p3ersuasive i used a bit of comedy. The sentence “all thats missing is an elevator” gives a sense of comedy because the disco is quite big and has everything but an elevator. It is really comic.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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