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Investigation into cantilever structures

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Investigation into cantilever structures Preliminary work I set up the apparatus as shown in the diagram. Leaving 75cm hanging over the edge of the desk and placed the Newton meter at 90cm as the deflection will be easier to record. I then applied a weight to the Newton meter and recorded the deflection. Weight (N) Deflection (cm) 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 I stopped at 8N as the stress on the ruler was high and it might snap and be unsafe if any more strain was put on it. ...read more.


Therefore doubling the load will double the deflection. This would mean that the load is directly proportional to the deflection. Assuming the ruler is elastic and that the pivot doesn't change. This is because Moment = perpendicular distance*force As the perpendicular distance is a constant thorough the experiment the doubling of the load will double the moment which will cause the cantilever to deflect downwards. Apparatus Method The apparatus was set up as shown in the diagram. Add the weight hanger at the 90cm mark on the ruler measure how far the pointer has moved downwards and record the deflection. ...read more.


Check that the ruler has gone back to its original position before any weights were added. Check that the pointer hasn't moved. Guide the weight down gently to minimize bounce. When no bounce is occurring record the result at eye level. Stand back once the weight is placed on the ruler especially don't lean over the ruler and weight in case a catapult effect happens and it fly's off into your face. Wear safety glasses in case this dose happen and stop the experiment if the ruler is incurring a large amount of stress on it. ...read more.

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