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T-Total Investigation

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GCSE Mathematics T-Total Introduction: I was given a sheet with various different sized girds on them. I was given the task to find the relationship between the T number and T-total on the 'T' shapes I had drawn on the grids. I was then to come up with a formula for them both that would work. ...read more.


442 104 457 107 472 I could see no relation between the T-total and T number by looking at the grid or the table below. I began to think about a formula for each T. I came up with a formula for each different sized grids as below: 9x12 grid N-19 N-18 N-17 N-9 5n-63 N 7x12 grid N-15 N-14 N-13 N-7 5n-63 N 8x12 ...read more.


I managed to find out from the information above that the formula for any grid is 5n-7g. I worked this out because in the formulas above if you divide the 5 (5n) by the number you are taking away from you always equal 7. With this information I came up with the formula; 5n-7g. The 'g' is the grid. The next thing I did was tostart ...read more.

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