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The Seven Sections of 'Swan Song'

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The Seven Sections of  ‘Swan Song’

The actions and movements repeated are mainly turns and straight legged kicks accompanied by rhythmic tapping of the feet. Gestures such as pointing and sharp hand and arm movements were commonly used. The dancers moved with straight limbs in a lyrical manner.. The quality of the movements are glide slash and wring accompanied by the combination of sudden and sustained timing. The weight was light and worked well with the flexible space and free flow. The dancers mainly used straight and diagonal lines perhaps to depict conformity alongside the use of unison. The dancers used physical contact  such as lifts and balances.

The tapping of the feet and rotations of the body were the main repetitions of section two. Many

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The movements of this next section were very lyrical and provocative yet extremely sustained. The movement towards the light and expression of hope intertwined with sadness upon the dancers face was repeated throughout this section. The rolling down the spine and into a freeze were also repeated. The efforts of this section was dab accompanied by float. As the movements were very lyrical  however the dancer would suddenly turn quickly or rotate. The time was always sustained alongside the light weight. The space as usual was flexible and free flow. There was a lot of floor work in this section and rotations. Motifs were repeated such as the crouched position of the man on the floor with his arm outstretched as he was entwined through his

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The trio of dancers move in canon unison and in solos in this section . The timing is sustained and then becomes more sudden. Shape patterns formed are lines and circles. Pointing gestures are incorporated into this section alongside the physical contact as the dancers push the non uniformed dancer into his movements and turns. Many lifts and supports and in this section and the weight is both firm and light however the space is flexible. The movements are lyrical and show tenacity.

The solo dancer repeats his other solo motifs and performs many turns and balances. He alternates frequently from the direction of the light to the uniformed officers as if pacing wondering what to do. He dances upon lower levels gradually rising higher and reaching forward and towards the light either representing hope or heaven.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations section.

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