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A comparison of the animated films

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Media: GCSE A comparison of the animated films "Shrek" and Snow White 1937. Two years before the start of World War Two. Technology wasn't even starting to advance when they made the first animated feature film, Snow White. It cost 1.4 million dollars which today is a lot of money. The film was made by a company called "Disney" and it took over 750 artists to work on it. It was developed and made on single cell animation drawn by hand and traced onto an acetate or celluloid. Each shot moves at 24 frames per second, over a million drawings were needed. Almost 65 years later, England had defeated Germany in World War Two, England had lifted the World Cup in football in 1966 and in a new Millennium, a new type of animated film was born. Released in May 2001 and cost a "whopping" 70 million dollars, "Shrek" was made. The computer animated film took three years to make and took over 275 people to work on it and they weren't just artists but new jobs had come into animation like computer animators and software developers. ...read more.


The hero in "Snow White" is hardly in the film and is only seen for a limited time at the start and end. The film doesn't develop his character but he makes a difference at the end when he kisses the princess and he comes in on a white charger and sweeps her off her feet into the sunset. "Shrek" again subverts how a stereotypical hero would look and act. Shrek is big and fat and is an ogre. He is solitary and is very sophisticated like when he is eating dinner he has a candle and a little glass of Martini and eats with a napkin and cutlery. Shrek is not traditional when rescuing the princess; instead of sweeping her off her feet he grabs her and puts her on his back. Shrek tries to be funny but is outshone by the donkey throughout the film. Humor is one of "Shrek" best qualities and makes the film more effective. It starts its humor with grotesque images, which if shown when Snow White was released would cause controversy and uproar. This shows how society has changed and how we find different things funny. ...read more.


In "Shrek" it is completely different. At the start they have grotesque images with the Shrek naked, brushing his teeth with a caterpillar and he breaks wind. The Princess burps without any sense of embarrassment. People in 1937 would have been shocked and the film would have caused uproar but when it is shown to today, adults and children alike appreciate the humour. "Shrek" gets away with grotesque images because the boundaries have shifted. This shows that the role of a child in our society has changed and is allowed more freedom in what they see and do. Both films are based on the fairytale genre but as "Snow White" keeps to the traditional fairytale convention, "Shrek" subverts and parodies the traditional convention. The typical princess is beautiful but in Shrek she is an ogre. In "Shrek" it shows that everyone can find their true love. However, Shrek doesn't end up with the beautiful princess he ends up with an ogre even though he loved the beautiful princess first. This could be saying that if you're ugly your expected to have an ugly partner. "Shrek" does stray back into the traditional fairytale but "Snow White" being the early fairytale sticks to the conventions. ...read more.

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