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Advertising and publicity tactics!

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Advertising and publicity tactics! Advertising and publicity tactics are usually required. Why? Because no matter how good the product or service, there will be no sales if the potential buyer or prospect has never heard of it, therefore could not buy it. So as an organisation your main object is to make your product known to the prospective market, and what's more, make it more desirable than competitors products. ...read more.


No matter how great the product is, No amount of advertising can ensure the sale of a product, only aid it. Advertising can never force a consumer into purchasing products or services that are not really wanted. Therefore the product must live up to its advertising or publicity claims, as advertising may be the reason for the purchase, however if the product does not meet its requirements the consumer will not purchase the product again. ...read more.


Importance of promotion Promotions importance is also evident from the expenditures and jobs in this area. The worlds 50 largest advertising agencies have annual billings of $20 billion. The International Advertising Association has 3,200 members in 90 nations. In the USA alone, retailers spend $8 billion, Automakers $6 billion and industry firms $120 million on media ads each year. 14 million people work in sales, 320 billion coupons are given out annually and 145000 firms partake in trade shows and exhibits yearly. ...read more.

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