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Advertising is a collective term for public announcements designed to promote the sale of specific commodities or services. Advertising is a form of mass selling, employed when the use of direct, person-to-person selling is impractical, impossible, or simply inefficient. It is to be distinguished from other activities intended to persuade the public, such as propaganda, publicity, and public relations. Advertising techniques range in complexity from the publishing of simple, straightforward notices in the classified-advertising columns of newspapers to the concerted use of newspapers, magazines, television, radio, direct mail, and other communications media in the course of a single advertising campaign. From its unsophisticated beginnings in ancient times, advertising has burgeoned into a worldwide industry.

My aims of advertising are:

  • Inform people about the product
  • Create a image
  • Increase sales
  • Compete with other shops
  • Introduce in products into the market

Informative advertising

Currently in the biggest spender on this form of advertising, is the government this advertising is used to pass on information to the public. The passing on of this information is very important in any advert. In my case when deciding how to advertise I can even use this method as to inform about my newsagents shop and where about its situated etc.

Persuasive advertising

The washing power industry spends as much as the government on advertising, their adverts try to persuade the viewer that their products are much better then the compensation. Their goal is to attract people to buy their products.

There are different types of pervasive advertising:

  • Adverts that show a famous person using the product.
  • Adverts that compare one product with another.
  • Adverts that use sex to sell the product.

I can use this method of advertising to tell people about my product in such a way that the customers are persuaded to actually buy the product, or change their opinion and behaviour.  

Public relations

Public relations is the department that try's to promote the product and show the good side of the company to the public. I can use this form of promotion to bring my name and products to the attention of the public and potential consumers. It’s an advantage of creating a good image of my business and this may be done by issuing new stories of events surrounding itself to the press, or by associating my business with an event, such as sporting or celebrity event (rarely used). Other opportunities for Public relations in general include: open days where potential customers are invited into an organisation to see how it operates, in the hose newspapers that are circulated among employees and customers and getting celebrities to endorse a business or product. I will not take this option of having a celebrity to promote my product, as it is very expensive to hire a celebrity and also they wouldn’t be even interested to visit my shop because its not a major large organisation, and there are many retail business like mine situated all over the country. However it will be a bonus if a celebrity visits my newsagents shop and buys a product because fans may feel that they should also use the product too and visit my shop regularly!  

 I can also use functions like sponsoring e.g. local school football kits (described in “what my customers want” task) with the name and logo of my business. Sponsorship of this kind, may produce a limited amount of promotional opportunity, but are felt to be worthwhile because they help to further human achievement and also to create a better image of my business. Other methods I can use to achieve publicity by issuing a press release to the press. Press releases are only effective if they attract the attention and interest of the reader. I will intend to issue a press release locally as my business would only be applicable to a tiny percentage of people.

Advertising agencies

Advertise is a very expensive business, to make sure that the money is well spent I will hire a company to do it right. For my advertising campaign to be successful it must:

  • Reach the right audience
  • Be attractive and appealing
  • Make the money that the audience cost back in sales.

These agencies decide on the content of the advertisement and the media that will be used to get its message across to my target audience. The message will be sent across through a specific advertising media. 

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 Control over advertising

Control over advertising ensures that the content of an advert is not offensive, deceiving, misinforming, or misleading. In an advert I cannot just put anything in it, there are certain rules that I must obey and go through, such as:

  • Code of practice- standards of behaviour in an industry, either voluntary or enforceable in law.
  • The Trades Description Act 1968-which means I must describe as truthfully to the best of my knowledge.
  • The Consumer Protection Act 1987- which states that goods must be as described in any promotional material.

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