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An analysis of two adverts

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An analysis of two adverts I am going to analyse two adverts and discuss which one is more effective. The first advert that I am going to study is marketing 'New Synergie lift' by Garnier. The second is promoting the product 'Total turnaround' by Clinique. Both adverts were obtained from 'Marie Claire'- a magazine intended for women aged between twenty and thirty. This suggests that the target audience for these two particular adverts is women, who are possibly very conscientious about their appearance and who typically have a salary, therefore will be able to afford the products being advertised. The Clinique advert has a very simple yet effective layout. There is a photograph in the centre of the page, which is striking and dominant. Above the image is a title, justified to the right to be aligned with part of the photograph. The text is large and is intended to be noticed. The text at the bottom of the page is small and proposed for readers who express more interest in the product . The advert immediately captures your attention and makes certain you look at the most significant image - the product. It has a clear background with no small images, allowing no distractions. If the reader's attention is not diverted they can only look at the product and other relevant images. This is the best way to acquaint the viewer with the merchandise. The Garnier advert has a far busier layout than Clinique. To the left of the advert is a large photograph covering most of the page. This image immediately attracts the reader's attention however, interest is quickly sidetracked to look at the other images in the advert. The text is at the bottom right of the page. It is very visible, planned to be read and attracts the reader by using different fonts and various strengths of colour. As in Clinique there is a sentence at the top of the page backed by a white setting making it stand out. ...read more.


Unlike Clinique, Garnier show the appealing ingredients that form the product in a way that makes it seem surreal yet natural. The Clinique advert has very little text. At the top of the page there is a short phrase 'A bright new beginning.'. This is a pun with a duel meaning firstly associating with the image of the baby chick, contributing to the evidence that it has just been born and that it is a new life, a new beginning. Secondly it tells us that it could be a new beginning for your skin when their product is used and it will give your skin a new life. The phrase is also very short, with a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end. The full stop represents the very brief simple sentence showing the reader that the product is very straightforward as well. It also makes the phrase seem more punchy and changes the sentence into a statement The copy on the image of the product is very bold and stands out. The company name 'Clinique' is written larger and is under and over lined making it the most prominent feature on the product. It then uses alliteration 'total turnaround' which makes the phrase more memorable. The word 'total' gives the reader the impression that there is nothing better and that when used will make skin the finest it can possibly be. The second word 'turnaround' indicates to the reader that, at the current moment, their skin is inadequate and the only way to increase its overall beauty to the limit is to use this product. The copy at the bottom of the page is small and intended to not interfere with the images on the advert. It is written in the third person, not directly addressing the reader. This makes the text seem less overpowering and influential making the reader more obliged to read it. ...read more.


This makes it recognizable to the reader when look at other product by the same company. For the Garnier and Clinique adverts, the copy has very different purposes. The Garnier advert makes its text interesting by using different fonts and strengths of colour, making is more eye-catching and alluring. However, Clinique has one large title and then the remaining text is hidden at the bottom of the page illegible from a distance. Garnier write in the second person, addressing the reader directly. This can feel over-bearing although can be persuasive. Their copy is far more like a conversation than a factual account making the reader feel more intimately involved. The use of testimonial statements allows the reader to think "if it does it for them it must do it for me". Clinique, however, writes in the third person. Although the copy is biased towards the product it generates a factual effect where opinions are expressed as facts. Both adverts use words targeted at the age group likely to purchase the magazine. For example, in the Garnier copy "anti wrinkle" and "dermatological control" both equally as important in today's society for young to middle aged women. Clinique use more subtle words such as "brighter" and livelier". Garnier and Clinique have both set out to aim their adverts at the same age group of women. However, they are targeting different markets. Clinique's target audience are women who want pure skin, with a non-glamour more mature look. Garnier are targeting the women who still want to look their best and feel that to look their best they must wear make-up. The picture in this advert shows the lady wearing make up on top of her flawless complexion. With this in mind, the most effective is Clinique. The main reasons being: it has an "ahhhh" factor due to the animal, the product is front on and central, the colours of the advert represent the complexion that would be displayed on your skin, it does not have an age restriction or persuasion that is overpowering. These effects are simple yet extraordinarily powerful. ...read more.

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