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Analyse the media devices and techniques used in a particular advert and comment on their effectiveness.

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Analyse the media devices and techniques used in a particular advert and comment on their effectiveness. Every advert is targeted at a certain audience. It is designed to persuade a certain person at a specific age, sex and class to purchase the product in focus. In an advert, the product being advertised is portrayed to its target audience looking its best and up most. This advert is advertising women's hair and beauty products for Garnier. In particular, it is used to promote a different perspective of hair colouring by using the intended product. The advert produces certain effectiveness and appropriate devices to attract customers. I want to analyse why the advert will prove effective to produce a stimulus for customers to be attracted to the product straight away. The approach taken is going to be analysed whether it is completely forward, convincing, or has a hidden message. The appropriate music, voiceover, and models will be studied. So I am going to investigate the devices used in the advert both the people involved and the technical adjustments that is projected within the advert that catches the viewer's attention towards certain things mentioned or seen. The media devices used in the advert prove to be effective as the final advert is both effective and convincing. It uses a wide variety of techniques to present the product in a way that layers the models with frequent images of the products along with the natural ingredients used. ...read more.


Close ups were also seen used when the focus travelled to the ingredients presentation of the product. These close ups show the exact natural ingredients and the delicious ingredients used will further attract and provide security for the viewers that may have doubts that had been implanted as hair colouring can be a bothering process. However, these close ups give an effect where these doubts are laid to rest as the models provide security through their natural looks and pleasant looks. A longer shot was used where the woman with a child was implicated. This shot reflected innocence, purity, and natural beauty. This brings the product into a new light and shows how wide the age group is to whom the product is targeted. This shot provides scenery to which the woman has long blonde hair similar or exactly the same to the little girl she is seen carrying. This is quite convincing to how the product works and the goodness it gives out to anyone that uses it. The woman in this shot reflects on the fact that someone that age that uses the product and desires natural looking colours and tones in their hair, can actually acquire that through the scene with the young girl. Children are seen as innocent and charming as well as pure. ...read more.


However, the whole idea is that the process of hair dying is not chemical but a natural luxurious process by which the viewer can take. The glamour and sex appeal of the advert is what makes it an attracting piece of work to market the intended product. The three main stereotypes in the advert are three women who make up the advert. They are three beautiful women who have beautiful hair and the beauty is not tainted in any way. The narrator comments on the beauty as well. The woman with the short hair, the tomboyish character, reflects women being confident, free and intelligent as all types of women watch the advert and should appeal to different types of women which it does. The mother reflects purity, cleanliness, and is projected equally to the child. This is effective to the audience as it enables women to achieve natural beauty to those of a small child. Finally the other woman reflects a image of sexiness and being attracted to the opposite sex which is appropriate to women who watch the advert and desire to be noticed. Overall, the advert provides a perfect example of provocative, convincing, and clever adverting to promote something fairly important to the nature of women everywhere. This is youth and natural beauty. This advert helps regain that natural look by convincing through clever techniques mentioned that this in not impossible but can be acquired through careful imagery and attributes of different women. ...read more.

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