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Analysing the advert 'Bomber'.

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Analysing Bomber This Advert is titled bomber. It is based on mountain biking and is aimed at a target audience that enjoy mountain biking. The age range is from 12 to 15 and is aimed at boys. The advert uses many persuasive techniques as well as semiotic codes. The advert has a man positioned in the top left of the page. The publisher has located this picture there, as this is the first thing the reader will see as they scan the page. The advert uses celebrity endorsement to promote its product, as this man is obviously a famous biker. This man has an athletic build, he is also wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap backwards, this makes him appear "cool" which is the image that appeals to the target audience. ...read more.


The advert uses a close up shot of the man to make allow the picture to dominate the advert. The advert uses another picture this time it is a low angle shot of a stunt, this makes the stunt seem even more impressive. The advert has a colour scheme of orange, black and white. The information that stands out is in white this is because it is such a sharp contrast. The advert uses the same font selection in the title of the advert as in the name "JOHN COWAN" this is deliberately chosen to show this famous biker associated with this advert. The font selected for this is Bold and tall, it has small gaps in it as well, it is chosen as it represents the authority of this man and the make "bomber" by using the height. ...read more.


The advert uses a title "Dirt Jumper" in a swirl old-fashioned font this hints that dirt jumping is authentic and should be said in a flowing way. The advert is laid out with the most eye grabbing topics at the top-left and then the more irrelevant information at the bottom. The advert is laid out like this to make it more eye catching as the reader will see the "JOHN COWAN" picture first as they scan the advert. The advert makes the reader feel unique and special it tells them "you are the core of movement" it speaks to the reader in a personal tone which hides the fact they are trying to sell them a product. The advert creates a sense of belonging it tells the reader "it is built for your ride" this makes the reader feel needed. Pnasche Chadda 9G ...read more.

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