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Analysing the front cover of Nuts magazine

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Analysing the front cover of Nuts magazine What magazines compete with Nuts? The magazines that compete with Nuts are Zoo and FHM. Who do you think is the target audience for Nuts? Give reasons for your ideas. The target audience for nuts is men aged 15-35 because it the magazine is based on sexual category and that what young boys and men think about. What interests does this cover of Nuts use as its main sell lines? What can this tell us about the target audience? You can tell this magazine is for men because it's about naked women, fast cars, footballers and men are interested in most of the stuff in the magazine but you don't get women looking for magazines like that. ...read more.


Why might it be dangerous for both male and females? The women that are used on the front cover of the magazine are young attractive girls who are maybe in their 20's. They are representing typical blonde girls but it can be dangerous because it might cause the reader to think they have to look the girl on the magazine and it can give a bad name for the girl on the front cover, it can be dangerous for men because they might think it is ok to treat women like that. Can you find any examples of exclamation marks? Why have they been used so extensively here? On the magazine cover they have used 13 exclamation marks. ...read more.


The magazine has been designed with a rip at the bottom for it not to look to perfect and it looks more masculine with it like that. Look at the language used. Pick out 3 examples and suggest why each example has been used to appeal to the target audience. The language used is quite sexual because the type of things they use e.g. 'sex bomb', 220mph super car and ugly animals. This language has been used to appeal the target readers because mostly men are really into the topics in the magazine. Describe the fonts used on this front cover and explain the reasons they have been used. The fonts that are used are big and bold. They use those fonts because they eye catching so men would want to buy them. ?? ?? ?? ?? Chaneesa Chalmers 10B ...read more.

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