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Analysis of 'Actimel' advert

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Analysis of Actimel advert The advert on "Actimel" from Heat magazine advertised on the centre pages of the magazine has been chosen for analysis in this unit. The advertisers have placed this advert in the centre pages because when the reader turns to the page atomically sees the advert. The reader will be attracted to the advert because of the following presentational devices used in the advert e.g. colour, price, slogan, size of font and picture. The advertisers uses the phrase "Reinforce your family's immune system" by breaking the words down one by one we see what this phrase actually means Reinforce means to strengthen that all ready there and protect it this item is valuable to the reader. "Your" refers to belonging to or an associated with an unspecified person or people the advertisers are generally referring to families were a mother is present because the advert is placed in a women's magazine. "Family's" a plural use is used to make the advert more individual to each reader because they would have difference families "Immune system" is the body's barrier the reader now knows that the product is the immune system. ...read more.


The reader might conduce that you cannot but a price on good health and the product is truly beneficially. The advertisers are advertising the product "Actimel" and the company name "Danone" the company name is used so the reader knows the company of the product the reader might be able to associate with other, the company will be know for producing good quality goods the reader might test other product of the company just because of the company. "Actimel" the name of the product it's very simple to remember the name is used all through the advert so it sticks in the reader mind. The slogan used is "Actimel-feel the difference in 2 weeks" the slogan is a kind of guarantee to the reader that they will feel difference but the advertisers don't tell the reader how they will feel. The advertisers are giving the reader a challenge the reader would complete this challenge by buying the product and testing it. The website is given www.actimel.co.uk so the reader can look at the Internet site to find out more information about the products and company and the website might induce coupons for money off and explain product in more detail to the reader and more visual effects. ...read more.


Blue is used to highlight the white writing the blue used is quite bright but calm at the same time. Different font sizes are used through the advert the text the advertisers really want the to pay attention is the big bold font and the detailed and informative text is small then the reader would have to read the information careful to understand what the advert is adverting. The advertisers use plural tense to give the reader a sense of friendless and closeness e.g. "we, our". The plural tense is used to make the reader feel like they are talking a close friend. The advertisers are trying to make the reader think subconscious they know the reader. The background is plain white it highlights the rest of the colours in the advert because white is pure, clean and tones down the bright so the reader can see the advert quite clearly. My view of the advert is that it doesn't appeal to me because it's for an older person with a family and I can't relate with this advert, Young people my age wouldn't spend money on something health and wouldn't like the taste. This advert is very effective by using colours, pictures and useful information. ...read more.

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