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Can Violence on Television Influence Children

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Can Violence on Television Influence Children Mass Media is a well-known term and is used widely by many people tttttttttt, the plural of media is medium and the actual definition of media is any way in which we communicate with one or more people. We can communicate in many different ways from a conversation on the telephone between two people, to a speech on television that is watched by many people. When we are listening to the radio someone is communicating a message to us, even when it is just music we are still being sent a message. When you are listening to music it can change your mood and you may be able to relate to the story it tells which may influence you to think in a certain way. Mass, when used with media is referring to communicating with groups of two or more people. Television or newspapers are a more obvious example of mass media but everyday we will see examples of mass media adverts on posters as we travel to college is also an example of mass media as is a newspaper or magazine. ...read more.


the newspapers were controlled by the government to make sure that none showed the true devastation that was happening in the battle zones the posters of the time were put up tp persuade young men to sign up to fight and the women to give up their pots and pans for guns and to take on the roles of the men back home. Everything was told in the media in a good little to ensure that people supported the war, because they believed that if the truth were known then it would incite moral panic, they believed that if people did not believe that we were winning and people knew the true reality of the devastation then people would not concentrate on helping the war effort. The other theory is Blumler and Katz of the uses and Gratifications theory that people choose what they take from the media they use and that everyone has the free will to listen/watch and choose whether to believe what they have seen/heard. Though is it still true that some of the most socking cases of violence from children such as the two children who killed James Bulger had watched ...read more.


When we are young we tend to take things very literally, so we do not see the hidden meaning, as we get older we start to recognise that there is a hidden meaning although we are not always sure what this is. In this case we could say that adolescents could easily see something in a broadcast that was not intentionally put there. For instance a young person could be so involved in an idol that they could believe that they are asking them to be the same as them. But what is more scary is that we do not know if the people who have been influenced in the past have had the mentality to behave in this way before they saw these films or if the films have given them the answer as to how to carry out these acts of violence. Folk devils are what society may use as a scapegoat to blame for the wrongs of the youth, to say that they are inciting bad behaviour because of their teachings this could be like the moral panic that ensued when the singer Eminem first became popular saying that his rhymes would influence young people to be violent. ...read more.

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