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Compare and contrast the range of product and charity/issue advertising we have studied

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Compare and contrast the range of product and charity/issue advertising we have studied Usually only multi-million pound businesses advertise, because they can afford to. Companies like Coca Cola and charities like Oxfam have large budgets assigned purely to advertising. Advertising has a dichotomy, which means it has two sides. Either the promotion of a product, to increase profits or raising awareness about a charity or an issue, to increase donations or to be informative. There are many ways of advertising, such as: Television, radio, cinema, magazines, billboards, taxis, buses, underground, etc. Clever techniques are used to advertise products or charities. If the company wants us to buy a product, they make it look good and desirable. If a charity is advertising, they show us how poor people are living, before the money we have donated, then show them happy when the money has been donated. The charity advertisements play with our emotions. They make us feel sorry for the people in need, in order for us to donate some money. When an advert is broken down into pieces, it is easier to compare with another advertisement. It makes comparing and contrasting easier. When deconstructing an advertisement, you break it up into three parts, picture, caption, copy. Here is a deconstruction of a product advertisement: Picture: The picture is of a woman with a yellow T-Shirt. ...read more.


"Today I am asking if you will help us with a regular gift of �2 a month." In this quote the Chief Executive is being polite and asking for help. He calls the donation a 'gift' and not a donation. This makes us feel it is better to give then to receive. Another sentence they have given us to keep us paying is, "because so much of our work is long term, we need long term funding." This quote makes us feel sorry for the people suffering from cancer, so we give them what they need. "You can help us reduce the fear of cancer for future generations with a regular gift of �2 a month." Here they are implying we are generous to give �2 a month, as you think of it as a gift. This sentence comforts us and reassures us to believe, the fear of cancer will be reduced for the future generations. Also in this letter, there is a set of facts they have provided for us. Facts: * The overall death rate for cancer has fallen by 12% in the last decade. * Over 7 out of 10 children with cancer now survive. * Around 95% of men with testicular cancer are now successfully treated. ...read more.


I choose the products because I believe that some charities do not use the money wisely, and also you cannot see if you get value for money. But by buying a product you can see for yourself if the product is value for money. Persuasion makes a successful advert. A good advertisement is an advert which "tricks" the customer into buying their product and making the buyer think that they have a choice. I think advertising is a very dangerous weapon because it interferes with decision making. It makes you want what the people on television are wearing because the rest of the public will think it looks "cool". It is a way to get popularity and attention. There are many positive aspects of advertising, as well as negative. The negative aspects are that it encourages a materialistic society. Also we can be affected by stereotyping images e.g. anorexia. Many people want to be what they see and imagine. The positive aspects are that advertisements build confidence by encouraging us to believe that the good things we do are right and not wrong. They also raise awareness of the world around us. They show how people are suffering around the world, as well as people that are better off then us. Advertising is a very useful tool if treated with respect and if it is abused it can have a serious impact on the economy. By Veenesh Halai ...read more.

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