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Discussing the advertising of the Peugeot 607.

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ADVERTISING COURSEWORK ENGLISH ROCKY KALAM 11.05 ENGLISH MR. CORNALL ADVERTISING- 1. "The activity of attracting public attention to a product or business, as by paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or electronic media. 2. The business of designing and writing advertisements. 3. Advertisements considered as a group: This paper takes no advertising." TAKEN FROM DICTIONARY.COM One of the many ideas behind advertising is to create awareness of a particular new product. To do this effectively the designers of the advert use various techniques. These include a varied selection of colours, images and text. Personally, I find that the most effective adverts are the ones that contain a deeper meaning. I am going to analyse various adverts to see how the designers employ these methods to advertise their products. PEUGEOT 607: This is an advert taken out of the newspaper " The Sunday mercury" and it is an effective advert that advertises the manufacturers new model Peugeot, the 607. If we look firstly at the newspaper this advert is printed in we can understand the type of audience the manufacturers are aiming the new car at. The Sunday Mercury is a newspaper written to appeal to the more business-like tabloid readers. So naturally an advert printed in a newspaper such as this will be aimed at the more sophisticated reader. ...read more.


It is just a plain road with a mysterious skyline. This is a visual metaphor. The idea is that driving this vehicle is like being in love. Time around you stops and it is just the car, which you love and the road. The female represents a figure similar to the character Cupid. She is holding a bow and her sheath contains arrows. However she hasn't fired an arrow at the driver in order for him to fall in love with the car. This is because the driver has fallen victim to the charms of the car. This is the idea behind the advert. Once the reader has understood these ideas the message has become clear. However, if the advert is analysed more carefully, the little techniques used by the designer become clear. For example, I noticed how there is clear film of smoke covering the road. I understand this to be an attempt to create a more heavenly atmosphere. Also the road doesn't appear to be going to any particular direction, just back to its origin. Again another tactic employed by the designer. It emphasises the fact that the driver, bound by his love of the car doesn't care about his destination as long as he can just drive the car. This is a very effective advert in order to emphasise a new product, which is aimed at the male members of society. ...read more.


The message it self reads as "It's why people stop and look before crossing the road" Again this enforces the idea of technological advancement and superior design. The mental image created is of a fast car speeding past but it's beautiful features still reaming to stand out. The image on the advert shows this. The message given across by this advert is that this new jaguar is different from all other cars. Its unique qualities will turn heads whilst you drive by. This is the message the designers are trying to show. I think this advert is successful in showing the class and sophistication of a Jaguar. It is effective in making the car seem more for the upper-class members of society. I say upper class due to the fact that this jaguar has kept another tradition, its heavy price. Compared to the advert for the Peugeot, this advert is trying to achieve much less. The manufacturers of the Peugeot are trying to make their new car appeal to wider range of people than their previous model. Whilst Jaguar are trying to advertise a new model, which is still aimed at the normal members of society that can afford such a car. Both adverts are however successful in what they are designed to do, create awareness of the new product. Both adverts employ the same methods but their message is different. I believe that an advert that contains a deep message will always prevail over adverts that don't. These two adverts are evident of this opinion. ...read more.

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