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How does the children's society make its Television advertising effective?

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How does the children's society make its Television advertising effective? Over the past few weeks we have been analysing some adverts. We have realised that the purpose of advertising is to try to persuade the viewers to purchase the product being advertised. I think that the main reason television advertising is successful is because of the actors they use and also due to the number of shots which have been put together to construct the advert. In the adverts we are focusing on we are introduces to the main actors which are children. Using children to represent the product being sold means that the viewers are going to pay more attention because children are recognised as cute an innocent. There are some adverts in the television industry that seem to be more appealing and effective then others. I think the cause of this is the age they are aimed at or what the aim of the advertisement is- whether it is to sell a product or make viewers aware of issues. ...read more.


They are made to look interesting by showing previous events of the kind. I think this attracts the viewers because they get a taste of the event and so believe in what the advert is putting forward. The other type of adverts, which also are quite effective but in an opposite way are adverts which raise awareness to viewers-issues of the world. These kinds of adverts include shelters such as Oxfam and children's society. The adverts I found particularly valuable were the ones produced by the children's society. The reason I found these adverts effective were because they successfully raised issues of the children's world and completed the task of encouraging the viewers to donate within the advert. I am going to analyse two different adverts created by the children's society and will be closely analysing how the advert is constructed to meet the objective of the advert which is to donate money to the named charity. ...read more.


This is shown in shot 4 when we see the main character of the grown man at the window of a terraced house. We see the man deep in thought and feel his want the camera is at a medium shot at this point but slowly zooms in to focus on the man and his expressionless face. We, the viewers feel his want. This difference is also an extreme opposite because in one advert we empathise with the child's character because she is outside and we understand her want to be inside whereas in the other we empathize with him because he's inside and we feel his want to be outside. This use of daylight and night in the outside world is effective because it can be used to make the viewers feel a number of things depending on the mise en scene, sound, lighting and camera work used in the shots. This use of natural light or settings atmosphere is useful for the directors of the advert as it allows them to give an extra realistic look to the advert, which makes it easier to understand. ...read more.

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