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Image Analysis Using A Comparison of Print Adverts From 1940's - 1960's and Contemporary ones.

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Media Studies Coursework I am going to use Maslow's hierarchy of needs to compare two different adverts. The first car advert is from the 1950's and then the second car advert will be from the early 21st century. I am going to use a list of typography, slogans, lighting, images etc to compare the two adverts. Summarise Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Explain How This Model Might Be Useful to a Study of Advertising Abraham Maslow was a social theorist of the 1950's who developed the hierarchy of needs. He developed the model to show how humans are motivated by their unsatisfied needs. The pyramid is split up into two different sections. The basic needs and the higher needs. The basic needs consist of physiological and safety and the higher needs consist of social, self-esteem and self-actualisation. You can not move up the pyramid until you have fulfilled the two basic needs. As you go up the pyramid life should become happier because of the amount of needs that you have fulfilled. The first basic need is physiological, the need for food, water, shelter, etc. An example is the vital water advert which is showing you that you need water to survive. The second basic need is safety, the need to be secure and free from danger. ...read more.


The slogan for the advert is '5 star motoring - the best at lowest cost'. I don't think that the slogan is very effective because it is not very catchy. Cathy slogans are the most memorable. There is one good point about the slogan and that is that they use the term 'lowest cost'. This is effective because that is something that the customers can remember and go back to. There is other text on the advert which says 'This is the range for which there is an overwhelming demand'. This again could be classed as a slogan and again is not very effective or catchy. Linking Maslow's hierarchy of needs to the advert I think that the advert would come under self-esteem. This is showing that if you buy the car then you will be accepted by others, as many people at that time did not have cars so people without cars would respect the people with cars. On the advert there are no other techniques that have been used such as sex appeals etc. I think that they have done this to get you looking at the cars and not looking at the model, half naked on the car or in the background. Overall the effectiveness of the advert is not very good because in the 1950's at that time printing adverts had colour to print in but it was very expensive so most things had to be printed in black and white. ...read more.


Linking the advert to Maslow's hierarchy of needs I think that this advert comes under self-esteem. I think this because of the cars that are on the page are if you have one then, then you will defiantly be respected by others and it will also give you self-confidence. Overall I think that the effectiveness of the advert is very good because at the time that it was made, 2003, people had the technology to use colour and can be able to use images in certain ways. Explain The Differences and Similarities In The Ways Which Products Are Advertised. From analysing the two different adverts I have found out that the modern day advert is interesting, catches your attention and is overall more effective than the old advert. For instance my first impressions when I put the two adverts together were that the new one was more effective than the old advert due to colour, typography, lighting, the use of images, models, slogans, other text on the page and the overall effectiveness. Although the advert was made in the 1950's they didn't have any of the printing technology and there was also a lot of text on it for an advert. However m any people do believe that the advert was produced at a good standard for the time of era. Image Analysis Using A Comparison of Print Adverts From 1940's - 1960's and Contemporary ones David Goddard 6077 GCSE Media Coursework ...read more.

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