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Is the Advert for the Sydney 2000 Computer Game Successful?

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Is the Advert for the Sydney 2000 Computer Game Successful? Eidos, a computer and video games developer, have released a new game to tie in with the build up to the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. The game has been released now because, as the advert states, it is 'THE Game of THE Games'. Therefore it would be no good if it were to be released two years after the event, as the appeal for it would have considerably dropped. The advert takes the form of a double page spread, in a computer games magazine called 'PC Zone'. The advert was on the fourth and fifth pages, just after the contents. By being positioned here I think that the advert has only got half of its potential audience. This is because once you have found what you are looking for you would flick past the pages the advert is on so many people probably would ignore it. It may however get more attention than it would in the middle or back pages. The potential audience for the game is young males, in their early twenties, who are interested in both sports and computer games. ...read more.


The pictures at the foot of the page, ten of them in total, all show action shots of the different events featured in the game. They include pictures of athletes crossing the line, just about to finish a race. There is a picture of a swimmer in the middle of what looks like a very complex dive, and a picture of a canoeist stuck in some rapids. All of these pictures have been chosen along with the statements above them to highlight the best features of the game, to show the quality of the graphics and the realism of the events. This helps the company to sell the game, because if pictures of what happened to the game when it crashed or a shot of the menu or install screen were included instead of these shots, they would not have nearly as much effect as the pictures in the advert. The statements above the pictures also help to sell the game to the reader. 'Authentic Locations', 'Latest Motion Capture' and 'Great Multi-Player Fun' are a few of the statements included. These statements also help to sell the game, and highlight the main points that the pictures cannot show a picture cannot show 'Official TV Commentary'! ...read more.


This makes the reader want to read on and find out what it is all about. The layout is clear and uncluttered and helps the reader to find any information they need about the game quickly and easily. Logos are used to their full potential and are well placed. Logos that are most likely to sell the game, like the Sydney 2000 Logo and the Olympic Rings, are placed in a main point of the advert, on the right hand page which is the side you see first. Logos that are not as likely to sell the game, such as the Playstation, Dreamcast, and PC-CD Logos, are placed at the foot of the page, but not completely where you would not notice them. The language used is varied and interesting, yet simple enough for most people to understand. Additional pictures used, the game's screen shots, are interesting and varied, and this also makes the advert more interesting. These all make the advert more interesting and increase its ability to grab the reader and persuade them to buy the game. I think this advert is an extremely good one and I am sure that it has helped Eidos to sell many more copies of the game than it would have without it. Glen Tooke Media Coursework ...read more.

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