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Media Essay on adverts.

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Adverts are the way that shops and their companies promote themselves or their product. Adverts can be found on television, radio magazines or newspapers. A wide variety of techniques are used in the structures of adverts; humour, computer generated images, use of known celebrities, intertextuality, visual or special effects, music/dance etc. Good adverts are ones that catch our eye and make us look or read it again, make us laugh, have a catchy tune or jingle; the best adverts are the ones that make us remember them and the product they were advertising. The Guinness advert in 2000 was an example of good advertising. Guinness launched a �1 million pound advert that featured a variety of techniques.. It included computer generated images, a catchy tune and it caught your eye. Sales of their product increased. People could remember the advert and were talking about it; they also and more importantly remembered that the advert was for Guinness. ...read more.


The way the bear reacts, the closeness of the bear and the man and the expressions on the face of the bear are extremely lifelike. The target audience for this advert is mainly shoppers. It gives the impression that if you choose John West rather than any other type of salmon you will be buying the best as they go to great lengths to fish in the cleanest water and catch the best fish, so by buying John West rather than another brand, you will be assured of this. Another advert that has had a profound effect on the public was the Gap advert. Gap use similar features to their adverts each time. You can easily identify Gap adverts by their white background and very catchy tune. The songs the adverts use are very well known and catchy. The young people who are modelling the clothes are pretty, handsome and all attractive. They are also chosen from different ethnic backgrounds to equality. ...read more.


They both have a lazy lifestyle; couch potatoes who sit in front of the telly all day. The man in this advert is played by comedian Johnny Vegas, who looks and sounds the part. He already has a wide following and an audience who enjoy his style of humour. There is a short drum role at the end of the advert where they display the telephone number and website address for more information. The target audience for this advert would be people who could afford to buy a satellite and box set to get extra channels on their television. I would presume the audience who would find it amusing would be younger. An elderly audience would not be able to share some of the jokes. In conclusion, the points I have gathered from these adverts are that comedy and computer graphical imaging seem to be the most effective form of advertising. People remember the scene or comedy sketch. This is certainly true with the ITV digital advert and Guinness advert. Alastair Craig ...read more.

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