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Media Studies Revision - Video production techniques. Film genres.

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Composition and Lighting What is composition? The way we put a scene together to create maximum interest and impact. Video production is all about story telling. When shooting your trailers you are trying to, briefly explain a story, this is largely achieved by creating an atmosphere. What makes a good shot? When you start shooting, make sure you're aware not just of your subject but the space around them too. If you can find interest in it then your scene will reflect that. If you think your subject is 'good' your shot will be good. The rule of thirds This rule helps us to construct interesting images. It works by dividing your image/frame into sections. If you divide your frame into halves or quarters and place your point of interest on these lines you get a 'boring' image. Divide your image into third. Natural light is the easiest light to shoot and often the most effective. Don't shoot directly into the light because you will get a dark silhouette. If the sun is bright and you have an unprotected lens you can get lens flare. To avoid this be aware of the position of the sun, try to have your back to it. ...read more.


* Dolly up and dolly down = the technique is to track the characters movement. The camera focuses on an object and moves with it. Often the character remains in the same part of the camera frame. * POV= is called the point of view of the character which means wherever or whatever the character is looking at the audience sees that so if the character is looking at an object the camera will move to the object and show the audience what the character is looking at. * Dark Voyeur = this techniques works by framing the character through the bushes. This is to show the feeling of being watched by someone. * Spin look = is when the camera spins around an actor to get glimpse of what is looking at. This technique also works backwards by viewing the object then spin back around to view the character. Ridley Scott "Sex is boring unless you're doing it" * Ridley Scott The acclaimed English film director Sir Ridley Scott has recently become a major source of controversy in the community of crusades scholars. This is due to his 2005 film, Kingdom of Heaven, which covered the events that took place in 1187 shortly before the calling of the Third Crusade. ...read more.


This trailer has some features that were found in the trailer quantum of solace like they both started with a black screen. They both show the ending date on the end of the trailer along with the name of the movie. Both of the narrator had a narrator speaking over the different potages from the different scenes. * The sound effects in this movie were very tensed and they really made the audience tense and curious. They colors in the trailer were a bit dark and showed the theme of the trailer. * There are quick fade in between the shots depending on the type of the shot e.g. if it was happy shoot the screen went white and the transition speed was a bit slow but if the scene was continuous then the fades were a bit fast. * Another thing that I noticed was that the trailer was a bit slower in the bingeing then in the middle. And then it was really slower at the end to make up the suspense. * There are attractive caption in between the scenes which make the audience to get more into the play. * The trailer was for about 2:19 mins long ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Audience and Production Analysis section.

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