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Of the two Teacher Training Agency adverts that you have analysed, which one do you think is more successful - and why?

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Of the two Teacher Training Agency adverts that you have analysed, which one do you think is more successful - and why? I am comparing two teacher training agency adverts to see which one is most appealing to its target audience. Firstly I will discuss the images and camera shots shown in the two adverts. The "those who can, teach" advert, which I will refer to as the first advert, begins by showing a close up shot of a fly. I believe this is done so we can see the fly in great detail thus making it more clear to the audience, that in the next image when it shows TV sets all showing the same images on their screens, piled on top of next to one another, that they symbolise "how a flies eye works". These images give me the opinion that they are focusing on the school subject, science/biology. This would make sense, as there is a great shortage of science teachers. The next image shows, two numbers, one being mean to the other. This is a pun because the number being mean is also the mean number, in a mathematical sense. Again it is my view that they are focusing on maths because it is a subject that has a shortage of teachers. A young baby is the image we next see. The shot is first taken as a medium close up but then later zooms out to a long shot to reveal that the baby is in a test tube. ...read more.


A headless woman working in a factory, taking off dolls heads is the next image we see. This image defiantly has a shock factor and shows a great contrast to the next image shown of the teacher. In my opinion the dolls symbolise that the headless people don't have a purpose just like the dolls don't have a purpose, thus leading you to believe that teaching gives a person a purpose. The final image is of a teacher, teaching a class of pupils, science. For the first time in the advert everyone has a head. You are first shown a girl with static hair, in order to draw attention to the fact that they have heads. The lesson is a science lesson on static electricity. This is probably because this country is short of science teachers. This image comes across very relaxed, and fun. The colours are bright and cheerful which creates a happy atmosphere. The teacher has got the whole classes attention, which is a contrast to the image of the woman doing an office presentation, who did not. The last thing you see when the image freezes is a shot of the teacher with his hand on his head, zooming in into a close up shot. This is done to really stress the point that the teacher is using his head in order to teach, unlike the people featured previously in the advert. All these images shown have an ultimate purpose of proving that other jobs are insignificant when compared with teaching. ...read more.


Both adverts use puns. In addition the first advert brings up modern relevant issues unlike the second advert, which is a lot more jokey and immature. Furthermore the second advert has a very simple, uncomplicated message whereas the first advert has a deeper more hidden meaning. Another point is that the first advert is more personal because it asks questions whereas the second advert is more familiar and less domineering because it has a theme tune that everyone knows and is more light hearted. Of the two Teacher Training Agency adverts, the second advert is the one I think is most successful. I think this because in my opinion the adverts are aimed at pupils who have just done there GCSE's or their A levels, and are at a cross roads in their lives where they want to decide what the want to be when they grow up. Therefore I think the second advert would be best suited to them because it is more fun, colourful, happy and humorous, which is what a young person of that age, is attracted to watch. Another point is that the fist advert might appear boring to someone of that age because of the classical music, which is associated with the older generation, the dull and dark images and the deep questions. I believe that because of these things the first advert is more likely to put young people off from teaching, rather than persuade them to start. It is also my view that the first advert has a very inappropriate heading, because it originates from the quote "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.". However some might argue that the advert is saying that the quote couldn't be more wrong. By Sophie Pilling ...read more.

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